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1MM133044Qurat Al AainThe Impact of Abusive Supervision on Employee Silence: Mediating Role of Justice Perception and Moderating Role of Leader Member ExchangeSp-17 Management SciencesDownload
2MPM153024Shoaib AyubImpact of Project Uncertainty on Project Success with Mediating Role Project Control and Moderating Role Uncertainty AvoidanceSp-17 Management SciencesDownload
3MMS143023Muhammad Khalil Ur RehmanCorporate Governance and Efficiency of Banks Listed In PakistanSp-17 Management SciencesDownload
4MMS143020Aqsa JaleelThe Impact of Abusive Supervision on Employee Silence: Mediating Role of Avoidance Orientation and Moderating Role of Leader Member ExchangeSp-17 Management SciencesDownload
5MMS151049Awais TariqImpact Of Ethical Leadership On Whistle Blowing Intentions With A Mediating Role Of Moral Attentiveness And Moderating Role Of CollectivismSp-17 Management SciencesDownload
6MMS153003Sarah ZaheerThe effect of excess cash holding on the value of the firm and stock returnsSp-17 Management SciencesDownload
7MMS143005Tahir SarwarSize, Value and Credit Risk Premium on Banking Stock Return: An Empirical Study of South Asian Banks. Sp-17 Management SciencesDownload
8MMS143023 Raja Muhammad Ahsan IlyasFinancial Markets Interdependence: A Quantile regression Approach of Volatility Spillover (Evidence from South and East Asian countries) Sp-17 Management SciencesDownload
9MMS153050Muhammad Kamran AnwarAbusive Supervision and Turnover Intention: Examining the Mediating Role of Self-Identity and Moderating Role of Future Work Self SalienceSp-17 Management SciencesDownload
10MMS143069Shams Ur RehmanAre Remittances Good Or Bad: Migrant’s Remittances, Real Exchange Rate and Financial Sector DevelopmentSp-17 Management SciencesDownload
11MPM153035Tehnia JalilImpact of Inclusive Leadership on Project Success with Moderating Role of Work Engagement and Person Job FitSp-17 Management SciencesDownload
12MM133024Ijaz Ul HaqCorporate Social Responsibility and Earnings Management: An Empirical Analysis of Chemical Industry in PakistanSp-17 Management SciencesDownload
13MMS151050Umer SarfrazImpact of Leader Surface Acting On Abusive Supervision through Leader Self Control Resources: Leader Job Autonomy as a ModeratorSp-17 Management SciencesDownload
14MMS151023Muhammad ZeeshanImpact of Corporate Governance on Credit Rating, Comparative Study of Financial and Non Financial Sector of PakistanSp-17 Management SciencesDownload
15MMS143063Aryan KhanDoes Institutional Ownership Affect Stock Return Volatility? Evidence from PakistanSp-17 Management SciencesDownload
16MPM153009Mateen U ZamanIslamic Work Ethics, Job Involvement and Project Success: The Mediated Mechanism and Interacting EffectSp-17 Management SciencesDownload
17MM141042Ahmed Hassan KanjuCorporate Governance and Firm’s Exporting Decision: Evidence from Pakistan Stock ExchangeFall-16 Management SciencesDownload
18MM141018Zahid IkramCorporate Governance and Value Relevance of Accounting Information; Evidence from Pakistan.Fall-16 Management SciencesDownload
19MMS151042Syed Basharat Hussain ShahThe Impact of Corporate Governance on Financial Distress. Evidence from PakistanFall-16 Management SciencesDownload
20MMS151056Nudrat FatimaCash to Price Ratio and Stock Return Empirical Study in Emerging Markets (Pakistan, India and China) Fall-16 Management SciencesDownload
21MMS143055Maheen ButtInternationalization vs. Regionalization of Volatility Spillover in the Asian Countries Stock MarketsFall-16 Management SciencesDownload
22MMS151062Anila Rafique KhanMarket Volatility and Momentum: Evidence from Pakistani Stock ExchangeFall-16 Management SciencesDownload
23MBAG143011Hafiza Nayab Gull CheemaDeterminants of Systematic Risk: An Empirical Investigation of Emerging South Asian CountriesFall-16 Management SciencesDownload
24MMS143002Saddaf AdalatDefault Risk Premium And Equity Return Of Non-Financial Companies Of Pakistan.Fall-16 Management SciencesDownload
25MMS143078Anum ZahraDefault Risk and Efficiency Nexus: Evidence from Banking Sector of PakistanFall-16 Management SciencesDownload
26MM131033Sehrish Akhter (Project)The Impact of Emotional Labor on Employee Performance with Moderating Effect of Supervisory SupportFall-16 Management SciencesDownload
27MM131023Neelum YousafNegative Book to Market Ratio and Stock Market ReturnsFall-16 Management SciencesDownload
28MMS 143022Ehsan UllahDeterminants Of Corporate Investment Decision: Evidence From Pakistan Stock ExchangeFall-16 Management SciencesDownload
29MMS151065Muhammad Sheraz Pricing Of Accrual Anomaly: Evidence from Pakistan Stock ExchangeFall-16 Management SciencesDownload
30MM131024 Raheel SajjadImpact of Characteristics of Board on Earnings Management of the Firms: Evidence from Pakistan Stock ExchangeFall-16 Management SciencesDownload
31MM133069Aneesa KanwalImpact of Passive Leadership on Followers’ Workplace Incivility through Psychological Contract Breach; Moderating Role of Procedural Justice Climate and Perceived Organizational SupportFall-16 Management SciencesDownload
32MM131028Muhammad Awais Khan Impact of Diversity of Board on Corporate Social Responsibility of Firm: A Case of PakistanFall-16 Management SciencesDownload
33MMS151031Kiran Aziz Equity Multiples and Stock ReturnsFall-16 Management SciencesDownload
34MMS143072Shadnan Khan Macroeconomic Determinants of Stock Market Development of South Asian CountriesFall-16 Management SciencesDownload
35MME131011 Muhammad Rameez Kinematic and Stiffness Analysis of 3-PRS Parallel Kinematic MechanismFall-16 Management SciencesDownload
36MM133082 Muhammad Nabeel Safdar Impact Of Ownership Structure On Cash Holding And Debt Maturity StructureFall-16 Management SciencesDownload
37MM131077Haseeb HassanImpact Of Corporate Governance Practices on Stock Liquidity: Evidence from Karachi Stock ExchangeFall-16 Management SciencesDownload
38MM141062Arsla Qazi (Project)The Comparative Study Of Private School Chain In Pakistan: A Project Of Allied Schools Vs. Its CompetitorsFall-16 Management SciencesDownload
39MPM153011 Jabran Khan Authentic Leadership, Psychological Empowerment and Project Success: Mediated Mechanism and an Interacting EffectFall-16 Management SciencesDownload
40MM131046Tahira JabeenImpact of Strategic Leadership on Employee Creativity and Employee Performance in Telecom Sector of Pakistan: Moderating Role of TrustFall-16 Management SciencesDownload
41MPM153005Rafia AhmadImpact of High-Performance Work Practices on the Project Success with the Mediating Role of Project Governance and Moderation of Islamic Work EthicsFall-16 Management SciencesDownload
42MPM153002Narmeen KanwalThe Relationship of Managerial Control and Performance of Information System Projects: Moderating Role of Resource Commitment and Top Management Support.Fall-16 Management SciencesDownload
43MMS151011Mahwish AzeemImpact of Volatility Premium on Stock Returns in Asian Emerging MarketsFall-16 Management SciencesDownload
44MPM153032Shazia Kausar Examining the Role of Benefits Realization Management in Project Success: Mediating Role of Project Governance and Moderating Role of Readiness for Change Fall-16 Management SciencesDownload
45MMS151016Salman SarwarImpact of Petty Tyranny on Work Alienation through Self Efficacy: Coworkers Support as a ModeratorFall-16 Management SciencesDownload
46 MMS153012Muhammad Farrukh AbidImpact of Strategic Orientation on New Product Success with the Mediation of PND Knowledge Management CapabilitiesFall-16 Management SciencesDownload
47MPM153014Ayesha Tehreem Impact of Knowledge Sharing On Project Success with Mediation of Innovation and Moderation of Creative Self-EfficacyFall-16 Management SciencesDownload
48MMS151036Ameer Taimur Ali KhanWorkplace Ostracism and Counterproductive Work Behaviors (CWBs): Examining the Mediating Role of Organizational Cynicism and Moderating Role of NeuroticismFall-16 Management SciencesDownload
49MCE153021Faheem Ahmad GulComparison of Plain –Concrete and Glass-Fiber Reinforced –Concrete Beams With Different Flexural and Shear Reinforcement.Fall-16 Management SciencesDownload
50MMS143071Muhammad Akmal Factors Causing Customer Churn: A Qualitative Explanation of Customer Churns In Pakistan Telecom IndustryFall-16 Management SciencesDownload
51MMS143029Sadia FatimaImpact of Antecedents of Brand Knowledge on Donor’s Intention Mediated by Brand Perceived Benefits and Brand Trusts: Evidence from Non Profit Organization.Fall-16 Management SciencesDownload
52MM133045Ayesha Ahmad City Branding Of Lahore: Participatory Place BrandingFall-16 Management SciencesDownload
53MMS151012Ayesha TariqExamining the Role of Consumer’s Brand Related Activities in the Success of Brands: Moderating Role of IntroversionFall-16 Management SciencesDownload
54MPM153013Maria Khaqan Impact of Work Environment on Project Success: Mediating Role of Job Satisfaction and Moderating Effects of Demographics Fall-16 Management SciencesDownload
55MMS153027Sijal MehmoodImpact of Ethical Leadership on Creative Self Efficacy: Mediating Role of Ethical Orientation and Moderating Role of Supervisor for Creativity: A Study on Higher Educational Sector in PakistanFall-16 Management SciencesDownload
56MCE153011Mehran KhanSeismic Performance of Unreinforced and Reinforced Brick Masonry Structures by Numerical Modeling for Design OptimizationFall-16 Civil EngineeringDownload
57MCE153016Iqbal AhmadModeling Options for Transfer Structures to Assess the Behavior of Mix Use Building Structures in High Seismic ZoneFall-16 Civil EngineeringDownload
58MCE153020Arsam Ahmad AwanOptimum Length of Lining to Reduce Losses in Watercourses by Using Advance Non Linear TechniqueFall-16 Civil EngineeringDownload
59MME141003Shummaila RasheedIdentification of Elastic Properties of Orthotropic Composites Based On a Genetic AlgorithmFall-16 Mechanical EngineeringDownload
60MME131011 Muhammad Rameez System Design and Analysis of Solar Powered System in Residential, Commercial and Agricultural SectorFall-16 Mechanical EngineeringDownload
61MME131007 Ans FarooqEmbedding Quality in Scrum: Study and Evaluation of Quality Management in ScrumFall-16 Mechanical EngineeringDownload
62MEM143009Amna EjazEmbedding Quality in Scrum: Study and Evaluation of Quality Management in ScrumFall-16 Mechanical EngineeringDownload
63EM141010 Kamran Arif Relationship between Total Quality Management (TQM) and Continuous Improvement of Project Management in Pakistan (CIPMP)Fall-16 Mechanical EngineeringDownload
64EM131002Naveed Sarwar Assessing E-Procurement Success Factors In Telecommunication OrganizationsFall-16 Mechanical EngineeringDownload
65MEM151001Nadeem AkhtarAssessing determinants of consumer’s energy conservation behavior in PakistanFall-16 Mechanical EngineeringDownload
66MMT143006Nadeem AbbasFixed Point Theorems for Some Contractions in Rectangular B-Metric SpaceFall-16 MathematicsDownload
67MMT151012Hifsa KhanNumerical Study of Maxwell Nanofluid over a Stretching Sheet Along With the Thermal Radiation and Chemical Reaction EffectsFall-16 MathematicsDownload
68MMT151006Ayesha FarooqNumerical Simulation of Mixed Convective Flow in an Inclined Channel with Cavity with Cu-Water Nano Fluid in Porous MediumFall-16 MathematicsDownload
69MMT151016 Afsheen NazarS-Boxes Are Generated By Chaotic Logistic Map Over Finite FieldFall-16 MathematicsDownload
70MA141010 Umarah SadafFuzzy Mappings in b-Metric SpacesFall-16 MathematicsDownload
71MMT143002 Tayyaba AroojSuzuki Type ContractionsFall-16 MathematicsDownload
72MA131014Muhammad Adeel TahirNumerical study of MHD Nanofluid flow due to stretching permeable surface under the effect of viscous dissipation, joule heating and thermal radiationsFall-16 MathematicsDownload
73MMT151011Asifa AshrafNumerical Simulation of MHD Mixed Convective Nanofluid Flow Over Backward Facing Step with Internal Heat GenerationFall-16 MathematicsDownload
74MA133030 Haseeb WaliSome Fixed Point Theorems In Fuzzy 2-Metric and Fuzzy 3- Metric SpacesSp-17 MathematicsDownload
75MBI143005Shumaila AzamP53 Revival Using System Oriented Dosage Design Targeting MDM2Fall-16 BI and Bio SciencesDownload
76MCS143010 Faiza Qayyum Identification of Important Citations by Exploiting Research Articles MetadataFall-16 Computer ScienceDownload
77MS131022Bilal AhmedEvaluation of Bibliometrics and Altmetrics on Large Scale DatasetFall-16 Computer ScienceDownload
78MS141002Sahar Maqsood Ul Hassan Evaluation of Homogenous Graph Indices to Rank AuthorsFall-16 Computer ScienceDownload
79MCS143001Sana Sikander Tracing and Visualizing Knowledge DiffusionSp-17 Computer ScienceDownload
80MEE143015Abid JamalCharacterization of Reflection Co-Efficient For Ground –To- Aircraft and Satellite-To-Aircraft Communication LinksFall-16 Elecrtical EngineeringDownload
81MEE143016Umar FarooqSynchronization and Anti- Synchronization of Chaotic Systems Using Adaptive Integral Sliding ModelFall-16 Elecrtical EngineeringDownload
82MEE151005AbdullahComplex Synchronization and Parameter Identification of Non Linear Complex Chaotic Systems Using Adaptive Integral Sliding Mode ControlFall-16 Elecrtical EngineeringDownload
83MT131015 Umair RafiqueSuper-Wideband Planar Monopole AntennasFall-16 Elecrtical EngineeringDownload
84MEE153023Muhammad Farhan HanifDynamics and control of autonomous under water vehicleSp-17 Elecrtical EngineeringDownload
85MT133038Muhammad NumanController Design for Attitude and Position Control of QuadrotorSp-17Electrical EngineeringDownload
86MS133004 Junaid AftabStudent Retention in Higher Learning InstitutionsSp-17Computer ScienceDownload
87MMT151009 Zaib Un NisaMHD Stagnation Point of Flow of an Upper-Convected Maxwell Fluid through Porous Media Using Cattaneo-Christov Heat Flux ModelSp-17MathematicsDownload
88MBS153001Sidra AzamPrevalence of Genetic and Non Genetic Risk Factors for Diabetes Among Obese Individual Sp-17BiosciencesDownload
89MM133085 Muhammad MoaviaImpact of Fashion, Self –Esteem and Country of Brand Origin on Impulse Buying With Moderating Role of External Factors (A Cross Culture Study In Pakistan)Sp-17Management SciencesDownload
90MPM161004 Namra Mubarak Impact of Project Execution Planning On Agile Project Success, a Study of the Information Technology Projects in PakistanSp-17Management SciencesDownload
91MPM161003 Nemra ShahidProject Manager’s Affective Presence, Its Impact on Creativity in Projects; With the Mediating Role of Knowledge Sharing and Moderating Role of Creativity Expectation in Contextual Setting of PakistanSp-17Management SciencesDownload
92MPM161006 Sana MukhtarThe LMX Quality Impact on Project Success with the Mediating Role of Relational Contract and Moderating Role of Trust in ManagerSp-17Management SciencesDownload
93MMS153053 Syed Mohammad IrtizaThe Influence of Self-Confidence on Impulse Buying Mediated By Positive Emotional Response with (Moderating Role of Unexpected Price Discount) Sp-17Management SciencesDownload
94MMS153049 Faiza ShahBank Borrowing Constraints and Use of Trade Credit: Empirical Study from Non-Financial Firms of PakistanSp-17Management SciencesDownload
95MCE153015Asad ZiaExperimental Properties Evaluation of Fiber Reinforced Concrete related to Canal-lining Sp-17Civil EngineeringDownload
96MM133084 Muhammad Qasim GujjarRole of Perceived Organizational Support and Self Efficacy in The Relationship Of Self-Monitoring And Impression ManagementSp-17Management SciencesDownload
97MM133018 Muhammad Mustafa KhanEffect of Government Expenditure on Private Investment Evidence from Asian CountriesSp-17Management SciencesDownload
98MMS151018 Kiran ZahraImpact Of Work Place Gossips On Interpersonal Conflicts, Mediating Role Of Interpersonal Trust And Moderating Role Of NeuroticismSp-17Management SciencesDownload
99MEM153001Sayyeda Ume FarwaFeasibility of Community Radio for Educational and Grooming Purposes in Universities Sp-17Mechanical EngineeringDownload
100MM133057 Maryyam TajammalImpact of Leader’s Affective Presence on Individual Innovation through Explanatory Mechanism of Psychological Safety and Moderating Role of Individual Learning OrientationSp-17Management SciencesDownload
101MMS153042 Ayesha ZiaDeterminants of Stock Price Synchronicity in PakistanSp-17Management SciencesDownload
102MM141053Muhammad Muddrik AnwarImpact of Leader Secure Base Support on Employee Innovative Work Behavior through Motivation at Work and Moderating Role of Leader Member ExchangeSp-17Management SciencesDownload
103MMS161033 Iqra AnwarGreening of Organizations; A Theoretical Framework Linking Employees Perception about Green Work Climate on Employee Green BehaviorSp-17Management SciencesDownload
104MMS153013 Imran ShauqatReturns-Based Trading Strategies and Equity Returns: Evidence from Emerging Market “Pakistan”Sp-17Management SciencesDownload
105MMS151024 Adeela KhalilDeterminants of Net Interest Margins: A Comparative Study of Emerging MarketsSp-17Management SciencesDownload
106MPM153012 Usman Kaleem ParachaImpact of Team Focused Transformational Leadership on Project Success through Leader Member Exchange (LMX) and Moderating Role of Team CohesivenessSp-17Management SciencesDownload
107MMS153048 Anum ShafqatMean and Volatility Spillover Effects from Currency Market To Equity MarketSp-17Management SciencesDownload
108MCS153010 Robeala AbidMultiple Criteria Based Test Case PrioritizationSp-17Computer ScienceDownload
109MMS143076 Nazim AliThe Role of Working Capital Accruals on Stock Return: Evidence from Karachi Stock ExchangeSp-17Management SciencesDownload
110MMS143080 Balqees NoorImpact Of Organizational Justice On Task Performance With Mediating Role Of Trust And Moderating Role Of Self Efficacy In Contextual Setting Of PakistanSp-17Management SciencesDownload
111MPM161007 Asim RiazImpact of Agile Methodology Use on Project Success, Mediating Role of Project Complexity and Moderating Role of Managerial SupportSp-17Management SciencesDownload
112MT133017Iftikhar AhmedPlanar Antennas for Multiband and Ultra-Wideband Communications Sp-17Electrical EngineeringDownload
113MMS143017 Nadia JamilDeterminants of Volatility: A Case Study of PakistanSp-17Management SciencesDownload
114MMT143003 Waqar-un-NisaNumerical Solution of Boundary Layer Stagnation-Point Flow over a Shrinking Sheet with Joule Heating and Viscous DissipationSp-17MathematicsDownload
115MEE153002 Muhammad Nawaz SharifObserver Based Intervention Design for Breast Cancer NetworkSp-17Electrical EngineeringDownload
116MMT143010 Masood AkhtarChemical Reaction and Non-Uniform Internal Heat Source Effects on the Flow of Maxwell Nanofluid over a Stretching SurfaceSp-17MathematicsDownload
117MCE153025Farheen KanwalEvaluation of Response Modification Factor in Consideration of Soil-Structure InteractionSp-17Civil EngineeringDownload
118MM133030Kashif MunirEffect of Ownership Structure on Financial Performance of BanksSp-17Management SciencesDownload
119MMT153004 Muhammad YaminNumerical Simulation of Natural Convective Flow in an Inclined Cavity with Internal Heat Generation /AbsorptionSp-17MathematicsDownload
120MMS143079 Anum LaraibImpact Of Religious Affiliation Of Retailer On Consumer Purchase Intention With Mediating Role Of Consumer Buying Motives And Moderating Role Of Intrinsic And Extrinsic ReligiositySp-17Management SciencesDownload
121MM133004 Farhana RaheemAn Examination of Herding Behavior in Pakistan, India and Chinese Stock MarketSp-17Management SciencesDownload
122MMS151055 Aroob ZiaImpact Of Corporate Governance On Financial Reporting Quality: Evidence From PakistanFall-17Management SciencesDownload
123MMS151003 Qurrat-ul AinImpact Of Incivility On Counterproductive Work Behavior: Mediating Role Employee Aggression And Moderating Role Of Co-Worker SupportFall-17Management SciencesDownload
124MM133088 Shoaib GhulamInvestment Strategies and Equity Returns: Evidence from an Emerging Market “Pakistan”Fall-17Management SciencesDownload
125MPM161008 Fahim Ullah JanServant Leadership, Trust in Leadership Project Governance and Project Success: Mediated Mechanism and an Interesting EffectSp-17Management SciencesDownload
126MMS151064 Nadia JadoonStylized Investment Strategies And Macro Economic EnvironmentFall-17Management SciencesDownload
127MMS153023 Umair AliComparison Of Risk Model Performance Beta Vs Characteristic Model: Evidence From Pakistan Stock ExchangeFall-17Management SciencesDownload
128MMS161043 Kamran ZafarImpact Of Information Communication Technology On Economic Growth: Evidence From Asian EconomicsFall-17Management SciencesDownload
129MCS153017 Sumbal KhanEvaluation of Actors, Supporting Actors and Directors’ Profile from Social Media and Awards To Predict Hollywood Movie SuccessSp-17Computer ScienceDownload
130MBS153007 Uffaq NazHormonal Fluctuation of Postmenopausal Risk Leading To Breast Cancer in Pakistani PopulationSp-17Bioinformatics/BiosciencesDownload
131MPM161017 Shehryar Ali ZafarThe Impact Of Challenging Goals On Projects Performance With Mediating Role Of Job Satisfaction And Moderating Role Of Six Sigma MethodSp-17Management SciencesDownload
132MMS153036 Rakia KhanumFamily Incivility And Family Work Conflict, Emotional Exhaustion As Mediator And Perceived Organizational Support As ModeratorFall-17Management SciencesDownload
133MS133033Muthara-Tul-AinStudent Performance Prediction and Teacher Recommender SystemSp-17Computer ScienceDownload
134MCS143006 Amna BibiSchema Extraction and Integration of Tabular Data from Multiple Web SourcesSp-17Computer ScienceDownload
135MM141022 Syeda FizzaMeasuring Entrepreneurial Intentions: Role Of Perceived Support, And Personality CharacteristicsFall-17Management SciencesDownload
136MBS153002 Saima GulPrevalence And Functional Analysis of Commonly Reported SNPs in Pakistani Obese Kindred’sSp-17Bioinformatics/BiosciencesDownload
137MMS153038 Munibah MunirEffect Of Demographics Structure On Stock Volume: An Empirical Study Of Emerging MarketsFall-17Management SciencesDownload
138MMS151048 Attique-Ur-RehmanImpact Of Smart Phone Usage On Work Neglect With Mediating Role Of Cyber Loafing And Moderating Role Of Work EngagementFall-17Management SciencesDownload
139MEM143002Syed Tanvir HassanA Logistics Perspective on China Pakistan Economic CorridorFall-17Mechanical EngineeringDownload
140MA133021 Shaukat MahmoodNumerical Study Of Peristaltic Flow Of Different Shaped Nanoparticles In Curved Channel With Magnetic Field EffectsSp-17MathematicsDownload
141MCS151016Umra NaeemSchema Extraction and Integration of List Data from Multiple Web SourcesFall-17Computer ScienceDownload
142MCE153001Engr. Muhammad Umar Nadeem QureshiCOMPARATIVE STUDY OF HYDROPONIC AND GEOPONIC SYSTEMSFall-17Civil EngineeringDownload
143MMS143013 Umer KareemVolatility Spillover between Islamic and Conventional Stock Markets: Evidence from Quantile Regression AnalysisFall-17Management SciencesDownload
144MPM153004 Ahmad Noor Ud DinImpact Of Emotional Intelligence On Project Success With Mediation Of Team Cohesion And Moderation Of Self-EfficacyFall-17Management SciencesDownload
145MCS153013Faiza FarooqMutation Based Test Case PrioritizationFall-17Computer ScienceDownload
146MMT153011Urwa AftabMethod for Designing Strong S-Boxes Based On Chaotic SystemFall-17Management SciencesDownload
147MMT153013Abida BegumHMD Flow And Radiation Heat Transfer Of Nanofluid In Porous Media With Variable Surface Heat Flux And Chemical ReactionFall-17MathematicsDownload
148MMS153044 Muhammad YasirAccounting Conservatism And Firm Investment EfficiencyFall-17Management SciencesDownload
149MMS143050 Rabia NawazImpact Of Sovereign Credit Rating Changes On Stock Market Co –Movements, In Case Of ASEAN And Southern Asia’s MarketFall-17Management SciencesDownload
150MM141045Nisar AliStakeholder Attributes and Salience: Mediating Role of Ethical Climate and Mo derating Role of Ethical LeadershipFall-17Management SciencesDownload
151MMT153001 Naveeda AzizMHD Boundary Layer Flow Of Williamson Nanofluid With The Effect Of Cattaneo-Christov Heat FluxFall-17MathematicsDownload
152MMS151052Ghulam Mujaddad U d DinImpact Of Workplace Bullying On Employee Health Through Self Esteem: Power Distance As A ModeratorFall-17Management SciencesDownload
153MM141011Munir AhmedInfluence Of Culture And Other National Characteristics On Financial Intermediation In Asian CountriesFall-17Management SciencesDownload
154MPM153023 Ahmed JavedImpact Of Emotion Intelligence On Employee Performance In Project ManagementFall-17Management SciencesDownload
155MMS153035 Muhammad HassanWho Is The Net Sender Of Mean And Volatility Spillover In Emerging Equity MarketsFall-17Management SciencesDownload
156MMS161002 Erum NazThe Effective Of Abusive Supervision On Employee Silence: Mediating Role Of Justice Perception And Moderating Role Of Equity SensitivityFall-17Management SciencesDownload
157MMS151017 Amen Razzaq ButtImpact Of Monetary Policy On Volatility Of Stock And Country Credit RatingFall-17Management SciencesDownload
158MA141004 Nilma AzizNew CaRP Scheme Based On Chebyshev Polynomial Chaotic MapFall-17MathematicsDownload
159MMT153019 Saba MajeedImplementation Of Identity Based Broadcast Encryption Scheme Using Weil PairingFall-17MathematicsDownload
160MPM161012 Sadia AbbasiImpact of Knowledge Management on Project Performance with the Mediating Role of Project Based Learning and Moderating Role of Intellectual CapitalFall-17Management SciencesDownload
161MPM163010 Maha MatloobImpact of Ethical Leadership on Project Success with the Mediating Role of Affective Organizational Commitment and Moderating Role of Ethical Climate: In Contextual Setting of PakistanFall17Management SciencesDownload
162MM141060 Muhammad Rizwan KhyzerImpact Of Perceived Contract Violation On Counterproductive Work Behaviors: The Mediating Role Of Depressive Mood States And Moderating Role Of NeuroticismFall17Management SciencesDownload
163MMS151005 Shahnaz KousarExamining Turnover Intentions As The Outcomes Of Work Place Bullying Testing A Mediated And Moderated Modelspring18Management SciencesDownload
164MMS161038 Anum EjazImpact Of Workplace Incivility On Job Insecurity: The Role Of Perceived Belongingness And Psychological HardinessFall17Management SciencesDownload
165MMS163002 Hamza Bin NaeemCalling Leads To Professional Commitment: Examining In The Role Of Meaningfulness At Work As Mediator And Organizational Instrumentality As ModeratorFall17Management SciencesDownload
166MMS153006 Muhammad QasimDetermining Stock Market Return By Using Multiple Factor Model With Oil ExposureFall17Management SciencesDownload
167MM141019 Wasif HassanAgency-Based Asset Pricing Model: Empirical Evidence from Pakistan Stock ExchangeFall17Management SciencesDownload
168MCE153024Muhammad WaqasIdentification of an Efficient Method for Practicing Designers to Incorporate Soil-Structure Interaction EffectsFall-17Civil EngineeringDownload
169MBS161001Muhammad Sajid KhanGenetic Analysis of Hereditary Polydactyly in Pakistani FamiliesFall-17BiosciencesDownload
170MMT153002 Narmeen ShoukatHeat and Mass Transfer in MHD Stagnation point flow of nanofluids in porous mediumFall17MathematicsDownload
171MMS163001 Ainee HamzaImpact of Employee Suspicion on Social Undermining with Mediating Role of Knowledge Hiding and Moderating Role of Knowledge Sharing ClimateFall17Management SciencesDownload
172MM141007 Syed Mudassir Hussain ShahCarbon Emissions, Foreign Direct Investment And Stock Market Activity: Evidence From Lower Middle Income CountriesFall17Management SciencesDownload
173MMS153018 Muhammad Kamran WahidDoes Islamic Label Indicate Higher Use of Trade Credit? Evidence from PakistanFall17Management SciencesDownload
174MMS161015 Attia AyubVolatility Transmission From Oil Prices To Agriculture Commodities And Stock Market In PakistanFall17Management SciencesDownload
175MM141020Tayyaba ZahidImpact Of Accounting Anomalies On Stock ReturnsFall17Management SciencesDownload
176MMS163021 Muhammad Faizan HaiderImpact of Workplace Ostracism on Counterproductive Work Behaviors: with mediating role of Negative Affectivity and moderating role of Emotional Self-efficacyFall17Management SciencesDownload
177MMS151074 Somayya SiddiqueImpact Of Workplace Bulling On Group Cohesion Using Emotional Exhaustion As Mediator And Neuroticism As ModeratorFall17Management SciencesDownload
178MMS161025 Naqash EhjazCustomer Related Social Stressors And Turnover Intentions. A Moderated Mediated Model Of Emotional Intelligence And Of Emotional LaborFall17Management SciencesDownload
179MMS161005 Nouman NasirEffect Of Enterprise Risk Management On Firm Value: Empirical Evidence From Non- Financial Firms In PakistanFall17Management SciencesDownload
180MBI161001 Sehar AslamComputational Modeling of FASN Metabolic Pathway and Drug Cocktail DesignFall17Bioinformatics/BiosciencesDownload
181MMS151002 Umair AhsanImpact Of Emotional Labor On Organization Behavior OCB: With Mediating Role Of Depressive Mood States And Moderating Role Of Ethical LeadershipFall17Management SciencesDownload
182MMS161032 Khobaib AkhtarImpact Of Stock Liquidity On Dividend PayoutsFall17Management SciencesDownload
183MMS163016 Arooj Khalid ButtFactors Affecting The Financial Structure Adjustments: Evidence From PakistanFall17Management SciencesDownload
184MPM153003 Muhammad Irfan MustafaInfluence Of Knowledge Sharing On Project Success: An Explanatory Research Through Stakeholders Inclusiveness And Stakeholders SatisfactionFall17Management SciencesDownload
185MEE153008 Ishtiaq AhmadValidation of PDASP for Quasi-Stationary MIMO Channel Estimation Though Processing-Inefficient Low-Cost Communication Plat formsFall17Electrical EngineeringDownload
186MEE143019 Ammad AhmedHigh Power 16-Way Compact Power Divider/Combiner And Power Amplifier Design For S-Band Radar Transmitter ApplicationFall17Electrical EngineeringDownload
187MMS163018 Fareeha Batool Psychological Detachment from Work; Its Moderating Effect on Relationship of Stress and Work Life Balance with Emotional Labor as One of the Causes of StressFall17Management SciencesDownload
188CE141002Mohsin ShafiqAccelerating Fingerprint Identification using FPGA for Large Scale ApplicationsFall17Civil EngineeringDownload
189MMS161008 Mubashar IslamImpact of OCB on Interpersonal Deviance and Organizational Deviance; Mediating Role of Moral Self-Regard and Moderating Role of Identity OrientationFall17Management SciencesDownload
190MPM163022 Amina Binat-I-YousafSafety Specific Transformational Leadership And Its Impact On Project Safety Climate; Mediating Role Of Safety Compliance And Moderating Role Of Attitude Towards SafetyFall17Management SciencesDownload
191MMS161031 Ammara- Tul- AinImpact of Humorous Leadership on Innovative Work Behavior, With Mediating Role of Job Engagement and Moderating Role of Psychological CapitalFall17Management SciencesDownload
192MEE151012 Muhammad Kashif LatifMiniaturized High Power SDPT RF Switching Design For UAV Interrogator SystemFall17Electrical EngineeringDownload
193MMS161039 Muhammad KashifEffect of Credit Rating on Trade Credit: Empirical Evidences from Pakistani non-financial firmsFall17Management SciencesDownload
194CE141004 Nabeel AliCervical Cancer Detection using Deep Neural Networks and Ensemble of Decision TreesFall17Electrical EngineeringDownload
195MBI153002 Muhammad NadeemImpact Estimation of Inflammatory Gene IL_6, TNF-Alpha and ACE on Diabetes and Obesity as Co-Morbidity of CADFall17Bioinformatics/BiosciencesDownload
196MCS143027 Wajid ShahCardiovascular and Chronic Respiratory Diseases Predication System for Caregivers and Medical ExpertsFall17Computer ScienceDownload
197MMT153012 Abid HussainMagneto-micropolar nanofluid flow over a convectively heated sheet with non-linear radiation and viscous dissipationFall17MathematicsDownload
198MMS163003Faiza MinhasGenerativity Of Managers, Its Impact On Employee Creativity; With Mediating Role Of Hedonic Well Being And Moderating Role Of Creativity ExpectationFall17Management SciencesDownload
199MMS143067Sidra WazirImpact of Women Career Stages on Subjective Career Success, With Moderating Role of Kaleidoscope Career and Moderating Role of MasculinityFall17Management SciencesDownload
200MMS143040Mir Zat UllahConsidering Business Cycle Effect: Determinants Of Non-Performing Loan: The Experience From South Asiaspring18Management SciencesDownload
201MEE151006Qaiser KhanStabalization Of Underactuated Mechanical system Using Adaptive Sliding mode control Fall17Electrical EngineeringDownload
202MMS151034 Asad-Ur-RehmanImpact Of Abusive Supervision On Work Family Conflict And Life Satisfaction: Mediating Role Of Job Stress And Moderating Role Of Social SupportFall17Management SciencesDownload
203MMS151026Wajid Ali ShahDoes Higher Economic And Financial Development Lead To Environmental Degradation?spring18Management SciencesDownload
204MB141038Bakhtawar QayyumImpact of Working Capital Management on Corporate PerformanceFa-18Management SciencesDownload
205MMT161013Kamran KhanThermal Radiation and MHD Stagnation Point Flow of Micropolar Fluid over a Shrinking SheetFall-18MathematicsDownload
206MMS153031Iqra IjazImpact of Emotional Lab or on Workplace Incivility: Mediating Role of Emotional E xhaustion and Mo derating Role of Psychological Capital - A Study on Banking Sector in PakistanFall-18Management SciencesDownload
207MMS143047Saad AbdullahInvestment Premium, Profitability Premium and Equity Return: A Study of Pakistan, India and ChinaFall-18Management SciencesDownload
208MCS163022Saman SaeedEvaluation of Author Ranking Parameters based on Publications, Scientific Services and Affiliations in Computer Science DomainFall-18Computer ScienceDownload
209MCS153012Maryam KhadamAndroid Malware Detection Using the Combination of Different Static FeaturesFall-18Computer ScienceDownload
210MCS161015Muhammad Aadil-ur-RehmanDetermination of Feature Contribution Score and Feature Ranking in Author Name DisambiguationFall-18Computer ScienceDownload
211MCS163021Usman AhmedRALB-HC: A Resource Aware Load Balancer for Heterogeneous ClusterFall-18Computer ScienceDownload
212MPM161014Ayesha MunirImpact of Transformational leadership on Project Success through mediating role of Project Team Potency and Moderating Role of Goal ClarityFall-18Management SciencesDownload
213MBI153001Syed Ahtisham ZulfiqarDisease Pattern Identification Exploring Metabolic Pathways in Breast CancerFall-18Bioinformatics/BiosciencesDownload
214MMS163019Sadaf AshfaqImpact of Cash Flow Volatility on Stock Returns: Evidence from Pakistan Stock MarketFall-18Management SciencesDownload
215MMS163027Muhammad ShahidThe Impact of Earning Volatility and Cash Flow Volatility on Firm Value: Evidence from PakistanFall-18Management SciencesDownload
216MMS151039Muhammad AbouzarThe Effects of International Remittances on Poverty and Inequality in Developing Economies: Exploring the Role of Financial Institution DevelopmentFall-18Management SciencesDownload
217MEE143002Zaheer AbbasMotion Control of Robotic Arm Manipulator Using PID and Sliding Mode TechniqueFall-18Electrical EngineeringDownload
218MEE161011ReshailImprovement in the Interception Vulnerability Level of Encryption Mechanism in GSMFall-18Electrical EngineeringDownload
219MPM163001Rida AmjadImpact of Challenging Goals on Project Performance with Mediating Role of Knowledge Creation and Moderating Role of Self-EfficacyFall-18Management SciencesDownload
220MMT161005Umaira LatifGeneralization of BCP in the Setup of Complete b-Metric SpaceFall-18MathematicsDownload
221MMT153016Fatima IshfaqA MATLAB Tool for the Analysis of Cryptographic Properties of S-b oxesFall-18MathematicsDownload
222MBS163005Fatima Tuz ZahraOptimization of Conditions for Micropropagation of Spinach ( Spinacia oleracea)Fall-18Bioinformatics/BiosciencesDownload
223MPM171044Ikram KhanDoes Team Mindfulness Predict Project Team Performance? The Role of Team Cohesion and Effective Team LeadershipFall-18Management SciencesDownload
224MMS171014Ayesha BabarOutcomes of Person-organization Misfit; Examining the Mechanism through Workplace Loneliness and the Conditional Effects of Facades of ConformityFall-18Management SciencesDownload
225MBS163004Samra ManzoorThe Study of TMPRSS-ERG Gene Fusion in Prostate Cancer in PakistanFall-18Bioinformatics/BiosciencesDownload
226MCS163008Sana AurangzebA Machine Learning Based Hybrid Approach to Classify and Detect Windows RansomwareFall-18Computer ScienceDownload
227MBS163010Anila Sa jjadDelineating the In Vitro Biological and Qualitative Analysis of Selected Herbal TeasFall-18Bioinformatics/BiosciencesDownload
228MMT153017Bilal AhmadSimulations of Natural Convective Flow in a Square Cavity with Nonlinear Thermal RadiationFall-18MathematicsDownload
229MMS153017Bilal HaiderStock market reaction to dividend announcement: evidence from KMI 30 PakistanFall-18Management SciencesDownload
230MPM163011Sidra YousafImpact of Abusive Supervision on Project Performance with the Mediating Role of Relational Conflict and Moderating Role of Conflict Resolution EfficacyFall-18Management SciencesDownload
231MMS171008Sidra AfzalCausal Relationship Between Trade Credit and Bank Credit:An Investigation Of Non-financial Pakistani FirmsFall-18Management SciencesDownload
232MBS163008Naqoosh ZahraGreen Synthesis, Characterization and Biological Assessment of Silver Nanoparticles by using Artemisia carvifoliaFall-18Bioinformatics/BiosciencesDownload
233MMS153052Muhammad Hamayoun MunirHolding period, Stock market liquidity and Disposition effect in Karachi Meezan Index (KMI)Fall-18Management SciencesDownload
234MPM171026Mariam AshrafImpact of safety leadership on project safety compliance, with mediating role of attitude towards safety and moderation of safety consciousnessFall-18Management SciencesDownload
235MMT163010Waqar YounasNon-uniform heat source/sink and activation energy effects on micropolar fluid in the presence of inclined magnetic field and thermal radiationFall-18MathematicsDownload
236MMS143028Irfan AliImpact of Supportive Leadership on Thriving at work Place of employees with mediating role of Job embeddedness and moderating effects of Psychological capital: A conceptual study In contextual work setting of PakistanFall-18Management SciencesDownload
237MPM163012Rabia MunirExploring Effects of Project Complexity on Project Performance through Role of Knowledge Sharing and Supportive Leadership: Empirical study of Construction sector of PakistanFall-18Management SciencesDownload
238MBS153008Syed Nouman Hassan ShahIsolation and Identification of Microbial Pathogens Associated with Musca domestica L. (Diptera: Muscidae) Important for Human HealthFall-18Bioinformatics/BiosciencesDownload
239MMT161008Syed BurhanA modified version of Secret Sharing Scheme with general access structure based on Elliptic curve and pairingFall-18MathematicsDownload
240MMS143035Tahira ZahoorDeterminants of Currency Risk: An Empirical Analysis of Emerging MarketsFall-18Management SciencesDownload
241MMS153001Sami UllahImpact of Free Cash Flow, Dividend And Financial Leverage on Earnings Management; Evidence From PakistanFall-18Management SciencesDownload
242MMS163032Ume RubabA Statistical Risk Assessment of Pakistani Banking Stocks and its Extreme Tail BehaviorFall-18Management SciencesDownload
243MMS161010Muhammad Jahan ZaibImpact of Ethical Leadership on Innovative Work Behavior with Mediating Role of Thriving at Work and Moderating Role of Openness to ExperienceFall-18Management SciencesDownload
244MMS171007Anum MuneerDoes Supervisor Expediency Begets Expediency in Employees; Testing the Mediating Role of Moral Disengagement and Moderating Role of Moral IdentityFall-18Management SciencesDownload
245MMS163017Sadia KhalidImpact of consumers green attitude on green product purchase behavior; mediating role of green product purchase intention moderating role of consumers degree of involvementFall-18Management SciencesDownload
246MME163001Abubakr AyubSupercritical Carbon Dioxide Power Cycles f or Waste Heat Recovery of Gas TurbineFall-18Mechanical EngineeringDownload
247MPM163002Jalal TariqImpact of Despotic Leadership on Employee Performance; Mediating Role of Self-Esteem and Moderating Role of Project CultureFall-18Management SciencesDownload
248MCS153006Muneeb MuzamalImproving test adequacy assessment by novel JavaScript mutation operatorsFall-18Computer ScienceDownload
249MEE161018Zohaib LatifCooperative Adaptive Cruise Control using Pontryagin’s Minimum Principle: An Optimal ControlFall-18Electrical EngineeringDownload
250MEM171005Asim Ali ShahThe Impact and Association among Innovation Types and Performance of Telecommunication Companies in Pakistan by The Impact and Association among Innovation Typ es and Performance of Telecommunication Companies in PakistanFall-18Mechanical EngineeringDownload
251MMT163003Sumaira BibiModification and Improvement of Cryptosystem based on Non-Commutative Platform GroupsFall-18MathematicsDownload
252MPM163004Hira JavidEffects of Workplace Bullying and Relationship Conflict on Project Team Performance: A study of Information Technology sector of PakistanFall-18Management SciencesDownload
253MCS163017Asra IshtiaqImproving Use Case Based Feature Model Construction for Software Product LinesFall-18Computer ScienceDownload
254MMS153045Irfan AliImpact of Corporate Governance on Non-Performing Loans: Empirical Evidence from Three Emerging EconomiesFall-18Management SciencesDownload
255MCS163027Sundus Ali QureshiTest Case Prioritization for Software Pro duct Line TestingFall-18Computer ScienceDownload
256MEM163008Mehreen ArifMulti-Dimensional Effect of Innovation Capability on Firm Performance with The Mediating Role of Technological Innovation and Non-Technological Innovation: An Empirical Study on Pakistan’s Software SectorFall-18Mechanical EngineeringDownload
257MPM171011Ab d Ur Rehman ButtLMX and Project Success: Mediating Role of Psychological Well-being and Moderating Role of Trust in LeadershipFall-18Management SciencesDownload
258MCE153005Muhammad AliComparative Evaluation of Hydropower Potential of Jhelum and Indus Basins using GISFall-18Civil EngineeringDownload
259MMS143058Abida PerveenDoes an Islamic Label Indicate Go o d Corp orate Governance?Fall-18Management SciencesDownload
260MMT163004Rukhshanda TariqSimulation of MHD Mixed Convection Nanofluid Flow in a Cavity with an Obstacle and Non-Linear Thermal RadiationsFall-18 MathematicsDownload
261MPM163007Fatima BabarImpact of Fun at Work on Project Performance with the Mediating Role of Work Engagement and Moderating Role of Attitude Towards FunFall-18Management SciencesDownload
262MBS163006Saeed IqbalPrevalence of Inflammation Associated Diseases in Obese and Nonobese Subjects of Kahuta RegionFall-18Bioinformatics/BiosciencesDownload
263MEM163009Misbah EjazImpact of Big Data Analytics Competency on Firm Performance with Mediating Role of Decision Making Performance and Innovation CapabilityFall-18Mechanical EngineeringDownload
264MBS163009Hammad Safdar AliPrevalence of Hepatitis B and Hepatitis C in Relation to Minor Risk Factors in Kahuta RegionFall-18Bioinformatics/BiosciencesDownload
265MMS161004Samra TabassamBilateral Exchange and Foreign Direct Investment Inflow: Evidence From South AsiaFall-18Management SciencesDownload
266MMS161037Asif RafeeqDeterminants of Financial Inclusion in High Income and Low Income CountriesFall-18Management SciencesDownload
267MCE163003Sadia AfzalSeismic Behavior of Multi Storied RCC Structures Using Different Sets of Stiffness Modification FactorsFall-18Civil EngineeringDownload
268MBS163001Sufyan Sohail KhanClinical and Demographic Variables of Beta Thalassemia Patients from Islamabad and RawalpindiFall-18Bioinformatics/BiosciencesDownload
269MPM171029Sidra HasanJob Insecurity, Workplace Bullying and Project Innovation, Moderating Role of Perceived Organizational Support: In Contextual Setting of PakistanFall-18Management SciencesDownload
270MCS161013Tahseen AfzalTest Case Prioritization Based on Path ComplexityFall-18Computer ScienceDownload
271MEE153001Yasir AhmedImpact of High Penetration of PV Systems on Fault Current Levels in Conventional Distribution SystemFall-18Electrical EngineeringDownload
272MMS151033Qudsia AdalatDoes Monetary Policy Determines Liquidity? New Evidence From Pakistan Stock MarketFall-18Management SciencesDownload
273MCS163026Omaid GhayyurMutation Testing for Unity 3DFall-18Computer ScienceDownload
274MMS151072Muhammad ArshadImpact of Sales Passion on Sales Performance: Moderating Role of Customer Orientation and Mediating Role of Self-efficacyFall-18Management SciencesDownload
275MMS143030Muhammad Awais AkramMicro and Macro economic Determinants of Profitability: The Case of Bank SectorFall-18Management SciencesDownload
276MMS151027Panam SeharDoes Return Dispersion Explain the Accrual and Investment Anomalies? Evidence from PakistanFall-18Management SciencesDownload
277MMS-143032Abdul Samad KhanForeign Direct Investment and Bilateral Trade : Complement or Substitute? Evidence from Asian Developing EconomiesFall-18Management SciencesDownload
278MMS161023Muhammad Rehman Haider KhanEffects of Intellectual Capital on Firm Performance: An Evidence of Non-Financial Firms of PakistanFall-18Management SciencesDownload
279Asia AsgharMB141040Impact of Salesman Religiosity on Customer Purchase Intention: Mediating Role of Salesman Honesty and Moderating Role of Customer OrientationFall-18Management SciencesDownload
280MMS151075Hadeeqa NadeemRelationship between FDI and Financial Market Development: An Evidence from South Asian MarketsFall-18Management SciencesDownload
281MMS171020Raima AmjadEvaluation of Value at Risk and Expected Shortfall Models: A Study of Emerging and Frontier MarketsFall-18  Management SciencesDownload
282MEE173028Umer Farooq AhmedMathematical Modeling Techniques for nm-FinFETs DC CharacteristicsFall-18Electrical EngineeringDownload
283MMS153046Muhammad Mohsin ZaheerDoes Firm Size Matter? The Impact of Liquidity Constraints on Firm Investment Behavior in PakistanFall-18Management SciencesDownload
284MCE163017Tasaddaq HussainReduction of Reinforcement Using Jute Fiber Reinforced Concrete in Slabs under Impact LoadingFall-18Civil EngineeringDownload
285MMS151078Uzma BaharImpact of Emotional Lab or on Employee Wellbeing: Mediating Role of Eustress and Moderating Role of Psychological CapitalFa-18Management SciencesDownload
286MMS171010Asia BibiImpact of Greenwashing Perception on Green Purchasing Intention: Mediating Role of Word of Mouth and Moderating Role of Environmental Knowledge.Fa-18Management SciencesDownload
287MPM161001Arslan MirImpact of Inclusive Leadership on Project Success, Testing of a Model in ProjectsFa-18Management SciencesDownload
288MPM171031Asif MajeedFailure of Projects in Pakistan Electron Limited due to Lack of Project Management OfficeFall-18Management SciencesDownload
289MPM171030Aaliya ShehzadiImpact of Manager Connectedness on Project Success with Mediating Role of Project Manager Ambidexterity and Moderation of Formalization of TaskFall-18Management SciencesDownload
290MCE161002Aamir ShehzadAssessment of Potential Effects of China Pakistan Economic Corridor on Development of Pakistan’s Construction IndustryFall-18Civil EngineeringDownload
291MCE173024Abdul WahabEffect of Jute Fibers and Glass Fiber Reinforced Polymer Rebars in Concrete for Bridge Girder ApplicationsFall-18Civil EngineeringDownload
292MPM171015Amna ZaibThe Combined Effect of Project Complexity and Team Communication on Project Performance; Mediated by Team Collaboration.Fall-18Management SciencesDownload
293MMT171004Sundus IqbalDigital Signature Based on Matrix Power FunctionFall-18MathematicsDownload
294MBI171001Anum MunirInsilico Profiling of Bortezomib Resistant Biomarkers in Waldenstrom Macroglobulinemia and Pharmacokinetic-Pharmacodynamic AnalysisFall-18Bioinformatics/BiosciencesDownload
295MPM173053Ayesha AfzalImpact of Cultural Intelligence on Project Performance with the Mediating Role of Managerial Ambidexterity and Moderating Role of Intercultural Group ClimateFall-18Management SciencesDownload
296MPM173058Muhammad RafiqueProject Role Overload and Emotional Exhaustion as Antecedents of Project Supervisor Incivility: The Moderating Role of Time ConsciousnessFall-18Management SciencesDownload
297MCE173028Shah Muhammad Hassan SabriBehavior of Jute Fiber Reinforced Concrete having Glass Fiber Reinforced Polymer Rebars for Possible Application in Bridge PierFall-18Civil EngineeringDownload
298MPM171004Hassam BaigImpact of Team Competence and Team Communication on Information Technology Project Success with a Mediating Role of Team CohesionFall-18Management SciencesDownload
299MMS151059Iram RehmanImpact of Authentic Leadership on Authentic Followership: Mediating Role of Mindfulness and Moderating Role of Positive Psychological Capital: A Study on Higher Educational Sector in PakistanFall-18Management SciencesDownload
300MPM163999Kalsoom YasinImpact of Transformational Leadership on Project Success with Mediating Effect of Self-Efficacy and Moderated Effect of ConscientiousnessFall-18Management SciencesDownload
301MPM171020Khawar ZafarImpact of Project Management Practices on Performance of Small and Medium Enterprises with the Mediating Role of Knowledge Management and Moderating Role of Business EnvironmentFall-18Management SciencesDownload
302MPM171001Sidra AminImpact of Narcissistic Project Leadership on Project Employee’s Performance with the Mediating Role of Social Undermining and Moderating Role of Project CultureFall-18Management SciencesDownload
303MPM-171005Mahad Ali ZafarA Study of Project Management Plan of Dasu Hydropower Project Executed by Water and Power Development Authority, Government of PakistanFall-18Management SciencesDownload
304MMS173042Ayesha ShakillEffect of Temporal Leadership on Creative Performance with Mediating Role of Identification with Leader and Moderating Role of Leader MindfulnessFall-18Management SciencesDownload
305MMS173015Nighat AbrarInfluence of Greenwashing, Environmental Consciousness on Green Image and Intention to Revisit, by Considering Green Image as a Mediating and Environmental Consciousness as Moderating ConstructFall-18Management SciencesDownload
306MCS151006Abdul SamadEvaluation of Textual and Topological Similarity Measures for Citation RecommendationFall-18Computer ScienceDownload
307MPM171046Mehtab Zahoor KeyaniImpact of Workplace Incivility on Project Turnover Intentions with Mediating Effect of Emotional Exhaustion and Moderating Role of Coworker SupportFall-18Management SciencesDownload
308MCE171010Muhammad AffanEffect of Freeze-Thaw Cycles on Mechanical Properties of Jute Fiber Reinforced Concrete for PavementFall-18Civil EngineeringDownload
309MPM171007Muhammad Ali RazaAnalysis of Project Scope Change Management as a Tool for Project Success in Karachi Thatta Dual CarriagewayFall-18Management SciencesDownload
310MMS161017Raja Mubashar KamalParticipation in Collaborative Consumption: Mediating Effect of Consumer Ethnocentrism and Environmental Concern in a Room Sharing ContextFall-18Management SciencesDownload
311MMT153018Raz MuhammadOn the Planar Central Configuration of Rhomboidal and Triangular Four-and Five-Body ProblemsFall-18MathematicsDownload
312MMS161013Sahrish AkhtarEmpirical Testing of Cyclicality of Debt Equity Ratio: A Case Study of Selected US FirmsFall-18Management SciencesDownload
313MPM173012Seemak TanveerImpact of Project Planning on Project Delay with the Mediating Role of Project Awareness and Moderating Role of Project GovernanceFall-18Management SciencesDownload
314MMS151061Shaista RehmanImpact of Social Media on Employee Engagement Through Psychological Well Being: Climate for Innovation as a ModeratorFall-18Management SciencesDownload
315MPM173032Sidra ShahidImpact of Project Green Advocacy on Green Behavior in Projects; Mediating Role of Employees’ Pro-Environmental Attitude and Moderating Role of Green Psychological ClimateFall-18Management SciencesDownload
316MPM171025Subbayal Usman AzamPeshawar Mor to New Islamabad Airport Metro Bus ProjectFall-18Management SciencesDownload
317MEE161019Waqas Ahmed ToorStudy and Simulations of Klystron Modulator Pulse TransformerFall-18Electrical EngineeringDownload
318MMS163014Masroor AliFinancial Access, Remittance and Economic Growth: Evidence From Developing CountriesFall-18Management SciencesDownload
319MMT171011Sania MehmoodKey Exchange Protocol Based on Matrices using Tropical AlgebraFall-18MathematicsDownload
320MPM153022Fouz AyubImpact of Emotional Intelligence on Project Success in Project ManagementFall-18Management SciencesDownload
321MMT151003Muhammad ImranMHD Stagnation Point Flow with Cattaneo-Christov Heat Flux and Homogeneous-Heterogeneous ReactionsFall-18MathematicsDownload
322MMT-171005Saba NoureenStudent Privacy Preserving Framework Based on Blockchain TechnologyFall-18MathematicsDownload
323MMS163034Amna NasimThe Effect of Remittances on Domestic Capital Formation Evidence From Selected SAARC CountriesFall-18Management SciencesDownload
324MCE173011Fayaz KhanDynamic Behavior of Prototype Interlocking Plastic-block Structure Using Locally Developed Low-cost Shake TableFall-18Civil EngineeringDownload
325MEE163006Ghalib HussainLow Communication-Parallel Distributed Adaptive Signal Processing (LC-PDASP) Architecture for Processing-Inefficient Low Cost PlatformsFall-18Electrical EngineeringDownload
326MMT153009Maria QamarMHD Tangent Hyperbolic Nanofluid Past a Stretching Sheet with the Effect of Joule Heating and Chemical ReactionFall-18MathematicsDownload
327MMS151032Faisal WaqarImpact of Corporate Social Responsibility Disclosure on Executive Compensation Disclosure: Evidence from PakistanFall-18Management SciencesDownload
328MCE163020Muhammad ZahidFeasibility of Natural Fiber Reinforced Stabilized-Earth-Brick in Masonry to Promote SustainabilityFall-18Civil EngineeringDownload
329MBS171005Kamran JavedRisk Factors Associated with Alteration of Hematological and Biochemical Parameters in G6PD DeficiencyFall-18Bioinformatics/BiosciencesDownload
330MMT171002Mehwish SeharElliptic Curve Based Multi Secret Image SharingFall-18MathematicsDownload
331Kamal AhmedMPM171019Impact of Business Manager IT Competence on IT Project Success with the Mediating Role of Team Coordination and Moderating Role of Organizational PolicySpring-19Management SciencesDownload
332MMS151057Iffat-un-NisaEffect of Corporate Diversi cation on Earnings Management: Evidence From PakistanFall-18Management SciencesDownload
333MMT171008Saadia NoorCryptographic Schemes Based on Enhanced Matrix Power FunctionFall-18MathematicsDownload
334MMT163002Sumbal ShahidMHD Mixed Convection in Aluminium-Water Nano uid Filled Porous Cavity and Joule HeatingFall-18MathematicsDownload
335MMS173003Hassan JavedReturn & Volatility Transmission from Exchange Rate-to-Industries & Industries-to-Industries In Pakistan: An Evidence from ARMA & DCC-ADCC GARCH ModelsSpring-19Management SciencesDownload
336MBS171001Mehmoona BibiChemical Synthesis of Diversi ed Silver Nanoparticles along with Characterization and Biological EvaluationFall-18Bioinformatics/BiosciencesDownload
337MPM163024Cynthia SigamonyEffect of Employee Creativity on Project Performance with the Mediating Role of Knowledge Sharing and Moderating Role of Openness to ExperienceFall-18Management SciencesDownload
338MEE171002Mohsin UllahState and Parameter Estimation of Induction Motor through Adaptive High Gain ObserverSpring-19Electrical EngineeringDownload
339MMS173002Zarmina Ali KhanAn Analytical Study of VaR Through the Lens of Extreme Value Theory: A Comparative Study of G10 and Emerging MarketsSpring-19Management SciencesDownload
340MBS171009Almas ZahraDetermination of Multiple Drug Resistance in Mycobacterium TuberculosisFall-18Bioinformatics/BiosciencesDownload
341MMS-153004Tooba AyazHow Accurate Are the Maximum Drawdown at Risk Models in Pakistani Commercial Banks?Fall-18Management SciencesDownload
342MMS161048Samrina LalDeterminants of Integration of Stock Markets: A Study of Pakistan and its Trading PartnersFall-18Management SciencesDownload
343MMS161046Salma SaharOver Reaction and the Cross-Section of Returns: Evidence from PakistanFall-18Management SciencesDownload
344MMS151007Misbah Nisar AhmedDo Industries Lead Stock Market in Pakistan?Fall-18Management SciencesDownload
345MEE163014Tanzeela IrshadComparative Analysis of Conventional VSC and MMC on the Basis of Output Power Quality and Control PerformanceFall-18Electrical EngineeringDownload
346MMS163033SamiullahImpact of Workplace Bullying on Workplace Deviant Behaviors: The Mediating Role of Negative A ectivity and Moderating Role of Internal Locus of ControlFall-18Management SciencesDownload
347MPM163018Hina AhmedEthical Leadership and its Impact on the Productivity of Project Performance; Mediating Role of Ethical Behavior and Moderating Role of Employees Project OrientationFall-18Management SciencesDownload
348Rashid AliMMT163012Reflection and Transmission Through Expansion Chamber Enclosed by Vertical MembranesSpring-19MathematicsDownload
349MMS173047Abdul SaqibExchange Rate Volatility and Pakistan Trade Flows: New Evidence of Symmetric and Asymmetric EffectSpring-19Management SciencesDownload
350MPM171042Asim JunaidEnhancing Project Success through Temporal Leadership: The Role of Work Engagement and Temporal CognitionFall-18Management SciencesDownload
351MPM171045Salman AmjadImpact of Project Control on Project Success with mediating role of Project Governance and Moderating role of Project LeadershipFall-18Management SciencesDownload
352MCS171036Ha fiz Habib AhmadDiscovery of Inconsistencies by Implementing Faceted Search on Resource Descriptive Framework DataSpring-19Computer ScienceDownload
353MPM171045Salman AmjadImpact of Project Control on Project Success with mediating role of Project Governance and Moderating role of Project LeadershipFall-18  Management SciencesDownload
354MEE-161012Syed Wahid ShahApplication of STATCOM for the Mitigation of Disturbance and Stability of Wind Farm Connected to Weak GridSpring-19Electrical EngineeringDownload
355MMS173005Sumaira ZiaExtreme Tails Behavior in Asian Currency MarketsSpring-19Management SciencesDownload
356MMS173017Zeeshan ArifValue at Risk in Islamic Banks -- An Evaluation of Extreme Behaviour and Capital RequirementsSpring-19Management SciencesDownload
357MPM181011Tahira AslamImpact of Temporal Leadership on Organizational Ambidexterity: Mediating Role of Team Flexibility and Moderating Role of Collaborative CultureSpring-19Management SciencesDownload
358MMS161009Shahzad MahmoodThe Impact of Social Commerce Design on Purchase Decision Making with the Mediation e ect of Information search and Moderation of EvaluationSpring-19Management SciencesDownload
359MMS173035Shahzad GulImpact of Corporate Governance on Cost of Capital: Moderating Role of Foreign OwnershipSpring-19Management SciencesDownload
360MPM171036Maha IsmailImpact of Safety Climate on Safety Behavior in Projects with Mediating Role as Safety Attitude in Projects and Moderating Role as Speci fic Transformational LeadershipSpring-19Management SciencesDownload
361MMS173021Syed Farhan AliAn Investigation of Non Linear Relationship between Macroeconomic Variables and Stock Markets of Selected Asian Countries by using NARDL ApproachSpring-19  Management SciencesDownload
362MMS173025Maham AbidImpact of Organizational Justice and Entrepreneurial Passion on Creative Self-Ecacy and Innovation: Considering CSE as Mediating and Resilience as Moderating Variables in Hospitality IndustrySpring-19Management SciencesDownload
363MPM-171012Syeda Pyam Zenib NaqviImpact of Absorptive Capacity of Project Manager on Project Innovation Performance with Mediating Role of Employee Learning and Moderation of Social InteractionSpring-19Management SciencesDownload
364MPM173014Bilal KhalidImpact of Project Learning on Project Team Creativity, with Mediating Role of Interactive Coordination & Moderating Role of Absorptive CapacitySpring-19Management SciencesDownload
365MEE153009Usman ZafarChattering Mitigation in Monopulse Radar Using HOSMSpring-19Electrical EngineeringDownload
366MMS161047Sana NaseerImpact of Core Capital Ratio on Banks Profitability: Evidence from SAARC CountriesSpring-19Management SciencesDownload
367MMS161035Samar KhalidImpact of Transformational Leadership on Employee Turnover Intention with the Mediating Role of Organizational Commitment and Moderating Role of Job EmbeddednessSpring-19Management SciencesDownload
368MPM173001Muhammad UsmanImpact of Abusive Supervision on Project Success, Mediating Role of Employee Performance, Moderating Effect of Scope CreepSpring-19Management SciencesDownload
369MPM173043Hamid AliImpact of Despotic Leadership on Employees Performance with the Mediating Role of Anger Rumination and Moderating Role of Trait AnxietySpring-19Management SciencesDownload
370MPM181014Hira AnwarImpact of Shared Leadership in Project on Project Team Performance: Mediating Role of Project Team Proactivity and Moderating Role of Ethical ClimateSpring-19Management SciencesDownload
371MPM173019Tayyaba SaleemImpact of Innovative Leadership on Project Employee Creativity, with Mediating Role of Creative Self Efficacy and Moderating Role of Project Collaborative CultureSpring-19Management SciencesDownload
372MMT171009Hira KhalidEffects of Magnetic Field Inclination and Joule Heating on Mixed Convective Nano uid Flow in an Inclined Porous ChannelSpring-19MathematicsDownload
373MMS173024Ghania NaeemOil Price and Oil Price Shock Volatility Spillover, Time-Varying and Asymmetric Effect on Equity Return: Evidence from Asian MarketSpring-19Management SciencesDownload
374MPM181003Sana SaleemImpact of Entrepreneurial Leadership on Project Success with the Mediating Role of Employee Creativity and Moderating Role of Team CollaborationSpring-19Management SciencesDownload
375MCE173004Arsalan NawazDevelopment Of Economic Risk Factor Matrix For Sustainable Project ConstructionSpring-19Civil EngineeringDownload
376MPM173034Zainab AhsanImpact of Ambidextrous Leadership on Project Success with the Mediating Role of Innovation and Moderating Role of Self-EfficacySpring-19Management SciencesDownload
377MMS171016Misbah SakhawatSensory Marketing in Organic Cosmetic Industry of Pakistan: Viewing the Mediating Role of Green AttitudeSpring-19Management SciencesDownload
378MMT173022Areej FatimaA Specific Comparative Study of Casson and Carreau Nano fluidsSpring-19MathematicsDownload
379MPM181026Sania TassadaqImpact of Emotional Intelligence on Project Success with the Mediating Role of Team Cohesion and Moderating Role of CollectivismSpring-19Management SciencesDownload
380MMT171022Aqsa ShaheenAcoustic Scattering in Flexible Bifurcated Cylindrical WaveguideSpring-19MathematicsDownload
381MPM181009Azka TariqImpact of Entrepreneurial Leadership on Project Creativity with the Mediating Role of Innovative Ambidexterity and Moderating Role of Collaborative Culture, in Pakistani ContextSpring-19Management SciencesDownload
382MMT171012Khurram AliNoncommutative Cryptography using Extra Special Group and Galois FieldSpring-19MathematicsDownload
383MMT163015Sumaira ShahzadiScattering Through Cylindrical Waveguide Involving Lined ChamberSpring-19MathematicsDownload
384MBS171007Syeda Yumna SagheerAssociation of TNF-α G308A (rs1800629) Polymorphism with Obesity Induced Diabetes and Cardiovascular DisorderSpring-19Bioinformatics/BiosciencesDownload
385MPM173018Shahzadi Mariam ZahidImpact of Abusive Supervision on Project Success: Mediating Role of Knowledge Hiding and Moderating Role of MachiavellianismSpring-19Management SciencesDownload
386MMS153032Tayyiba NazInformational Role of Stock Prices in Explaining Expected Earnings, Investment and ReturnSpring-19Management SciencesDownload
387MMS163007Imran ShabbirFinancial Integration, Financial Development and Economic Growth: Evidence from Developing CountriesSpring-19Management SciencesDownload
388MPM173049Muhammad Usama MunirImpact of ERPS Adoption on Project Success, with Mediating Role of Knowledge Management and Moderating Role of Employee TrainingSpring-19Management SciencesDownload
389MBS173008Syeda Qurat-ul-ainIncidence of Recurrent Tuberculosis and Associated Factors In Category I and Category II Treatment RegimensSpring-19Bioinformatics/BiosciencesDownload
390MMS173031Syed Muhammad Roohul Hassan NaqviOwnership Structure and Corporate Social Responsibility: A Comparative Analysis oF Pakistani and Malaysian Non-Financial FirmsSpring-19Management SciencesDownload
391MEE173014Sidra Ghayour BhattiDynamic Measurement Noise Covariance Matrix R for Joint Probabilistic Data Association FilterSpring-19Electrical EngineeringDownload
392MBI173004Sana MasoodInsilico Modeling of Hepatotoxic Drugs Used in Non-small Cell Lung Cancer (NSCLC) and New Drug Dosage Criteria DesignSpring-19Bioinformatics/BiosciencesDownload
393MBS171008Sidra RiazAntimicrobial Activity of Propolis Extract on MicroorganismsSpring-19Bioinformatics/BiosciencesDownload
394MBS173003Sajida TayyabaScreening of Bacteria for Enhanced Surfactant Activity and Their Role in Oil Recovery from Oil ReservoirsSpring-19Bioinformatics/BiosciencesDownload
395MMT171024Nabila RiazThermal Radiation Effect on an MHD Eyring-Powell Fluid FlowSpring-19MathematicsDownload
396MCS173014Mudassar NazirA Technique to Combine Different Cryptographic Algorithms on Basis of their Metrics and Content to be EncryptedSpring-19Computer ScienceDownload
397MPM173017Neelam RaufImpact of Mastery Climate on Project Performance with the Mediating Role of Collaboration in team and Moderating Role of Prosocial BehaviorSpring-19Management SciencesDownload
398MEE171017Naima NageenSensors and Internal Fault Detection and Isolation for Lithium-ion Batteries using Structural AnalysisSpring-19MathematicsDownload
399MBS173001Sadia ArifBiological Evaluation and Comparison of Nigella sativa (Kalonji) And Trachyspermum ammi (Ajwain)Spring-19Bioinformatics/BiosciencesDownload
400MMS153040Rashid MinhasInterest Rate, The Yield Curve and Bank Profitability: Evidence from PakistanSpring-19Management SciencesDownload
401MMT171020Azra BanoAn Unsteady Magnetohydrodynamics Carreau Fluid FlowSpring-19MathematicsDownload
402MBI173001Hajra QayyumIntegrated Approach for Computational Prediction of Bacterial Pathogenicity IslandsSpring-19Bioinformatics/BiosciencesDownload
403MCE163024Hamid Ali ShahEvaluation of Limitations of Rational Method for Runoff Calculation for Urban Areas of IslamabadSpring-19Civil EngineeringDownload
404MMS153011Arbab YousafEffect of Illiquidity on Stock Return: Evidence from PakistanSpring-19Management SciencesDownload
405MCE163012Adnan Ahmad KhanEvaluation of Water Losses in Unlined Canal: A Case Study of Malik Branch Canal, Bahawalnagar, PakistanSpring-19Civil EngineeringDownload
406MPM173066Atiqa ShahzadiImpact of Temporal Leadership on Project Success, Mediating Role of Project Team Performance, Moderating Effect of Employee Pacing StyleSpring-19Management SciencesDownload
407MPM173029Syed Arslan HaiderImpact of Customer Knowledge Management Capability on Project Performance with Mediating Role of Agility and Moderating Role of Team SkillsSpring-19Management SciencesDownload
408MEE171021Aiman KhanInteracting Multiple Model Based Ground Vehicle Track-Estimation Using Linear ModelsSpring-19Electrical EngineeringDownload
409MPM171033Naqeeb TayyabImpact of Despotic Leadership on Deviant Workplace Behaviour: Mediating Role of Negative A ectivity and Moderating Role of Trait Anxiety - A Project Based Organizations PerspectivesSpring-19Management SciencesDownload
410MMS181016Bushra HameedDetrimental Consequences of Psychopathic Leadership: The Case of Banking Employees in PakistanSpring-19Management SciencesDownload
411MEE173026Muhammad Hamza Bin WaheedImplementation and Analysis of Adaptive Bitrate Video Streaming ArchitectureSpring-19Electrical EngineeringDownload
412MMS173027Tanzila NawazImpact of Monetary Policy on Bank Lending Channel in Dual Banking System: Evidence from PakistanSpring-19Management SciencesDownload
413MMT163013Adnan AhmedMHD Mixed Convection Nanofluid Flow and Heat Transfer in a Cavity with Circular CylinderSpring-19MathematicsDownload
414MCS171014Ahmer Maqsood HashmiRule Based Approach to Extract Metadata from Scienti c PapersSpring-19Computer ScienceDownload
415MMT161001Hamid RehmanSqueezing Flow of Tangent Hyperbolic Fluid over a Sensor PlateSpring-19MathematicsDownload
416MPM173023Sayab Nadeem QureshiImpact of Knowledge Sharing on Team Effectiveness: Mediating Role of Employee Autonomy and Moderating Role of Project Team ConflictSpring-19Management SciencesDownload
417MMS153019Muhammad UsmanDeterminants of Firm Financial Performance: A Case Study of Oil & Gas and Cement Sector of PakistanSpring-19Management SciencesDownload
418MMT171001Maria BibiEffect of Thermal Radiation on an Magnetohydrodynamics Nanofluid FlowSpring-19MathematicsDownload
419MCS171008Qurat-ul-AinEvaluation of Researchers Ranking Parameters Based On Primitive, Citation Intensity and Publication AgeSpring-19Computer ScienceDownload
420MCS173042Madiha AmeerAndroid Ransomware Detection using Machine Learning Techniques to Mitigate Adversarial Evasion AttacksSpring-19Computer ScienceDownload
421MBS153010Sarwat Rabab KazmiRelationship Between ABO Blood Groups and Lipid Profile Level in Adult Residents of Mirpur Azad KashmirSpring-19Bioinformatics/BiosciencesDownload
422MMS153020Uzziah MinhasImpacts of Trade Credit on Firms Performance: Evidence from Pakistan Listed FirmsSpring-19Management SciencesDownload
423MMS181009Marium NaseerMean & Volatility Spillover From Bitcoin to Major Cryptocurrencies: An Evidence Through GARCH Based ModelsFall-19Management SciencesDownload
424MCS153015Shabbar AbbasUnderwater Image Enhancement By FusionSpring-19Computer ScienceDownload
425MEE171018Tooba IjazComparative Analysis of MUSIC and Monopulse for Direction of Arrival EstimationSpring-19Electrical EngineeringDownload
426MCS153014Zeeshan Ur RehmanSalient Object Detection from Underwater ImageSpring-19Computer ScienceDownload
427MCE171004Abdullah EjazInvestigation on Concrete Slab having Jute Fibers and GFRP Rebars for Bridge Deck ApplicationFall-19Civil EngineeringDownload
428MMS181006Rida RubabSeasonal Behavior in VaR and VaR Exceptions: Evidence from the Stock Indices of Islamic CountriesFall-19Management SciencesDownload
429MCE161004Muhammad IshtiaqExperimental Evaluation of Nylon Fiber Reinforced Concrete (NFRC) for Shear Strength Enhancement of Deep BeamsFall-19Civil EngineeringDownload
430MMS181005Sana ZulfiqarImpact of Bank Diversi cation on effectiveness of Monetary Policy: Case of PakistanFall-19Management SciencesDownload
431MBS171003Sehrish ImtiazAssociation of G196A (rs6265) Gene Variant of BDNF With Obesity Associated DepressionFall-19Bioinformatics/BiosciencesDownload
432MMS171023Naimah KhanImpact Of Service Robots And Cognitive Image On Tourists Experience Expectation To Form Visit IntentionFall-19Management SciencesDownload
433MMS173010Rida YousafMean and Volatility Spillover from Currency Market to Equity Market: Evidence from South Asian CountriesSpring-19Management SciencesDownload
434MMS181004Aroosa ZiaAn Investigation of Systemic Risk Transfer from the United States to the Emerging MarketsFall-19Management SciencesDownload
435MMS171002Irshad AliHow Accurate are Value at Risk Model at Islamic Banks? An Approach of Berkowitz ModelFall-19Management SciencesDownload
436MCE153006Tariq MahmoodAssessment of Suitable Modeling and Design Techniques of Raft Foundation Using Soil Structure InteractionFall-19Management SciencesDownload
437MPM173071Faima Saeed LodhiImpact of Workplace Bullying on Project Success Mediating Role of Deviant Workplace Behavior and Moderating Role of LOCFall-19Management SciencesDownload
438MMT163019Muhammad HafeezAttenuation Performance with Lined Expansion ChambersFall-19MathematicsDownload
439MEE173005Nadir MehmoodNon-Linear Control Techniques for Stabilization of Underactuated Mechanical SystemsSpring-19Electrical EngineeringDownload
440MEE171025Muhammad Saad IqbalReal-time Fault Detection System For Large Scale Grid-Integrated Solar Photovoltaic Power Plants Spring-19Electrical EngineeringDownload
441MMS173034Haroon AhmedImpact of Passive Leadership on Workplace Incivility with the Mediating Role of Emotional Labor and Moderating Role of Power DistanceFall-19Management SciencesDownload
442MMT163014Farhan IlyasThe Study of Heat and Mass Transfer of Upper Convected Maxwell Fluid Between Two Parallel PlatesFall-19MathematicsDownload
443MMS181012Shiza SiddiquiLong Term Comovement among Cryptocurrencies: an Application of Cointegration AnalysisFall-19Management SciencesDownload
444MEE173012Sunbal IftikharValidation of Pathloss Models Through Field MeasurementsFall-19Electrical EngineeringDownload
445MCS181037Ghulam MustafaMulti-label Classi cation of Research Articles using Word2Vec and Identi cation of Similarity ThresholdSpring-19Computer ScienceDownload
446MBS181001Umar AliGreen Synthesis, Characterization & Therapeutic Evaluation of ZnO Nanoparticles Prepared Using Extract of Nigella sativa SeedsSpring-19Bioinformatics/BiosciencesDownload
447MMS171019Naeem Ahmed KhanDevelopment of App to Provide Blue Collar Services to the PublicSpring-19Management SciencesDownload
448MCE183057Fareed UllahEffectiveness of Jute Fibers and GFRP Rebars on the Structural Behavior of Concentric Rectangular Concrete ColumnsFall-19Civil EngineeringDownload
449MCE183001Abaid ur RehmanUse of Jute Fibre Reinforced Concrete having GFRP Rebars in Thin Shear Wall to Avoid Catastrophic FailureFall-19Civil EngineeringDownload
450MPM173015Haleema MajeedImpact of Project Communication on Project Success with Mediating Role of Trust and Moderating Role of Authentic LeadershipFall-19Management SciencesDownload
451MBS181008Huma NoorTherapeutic Evaluation of Silver Nanoparticles Synthesized Using Bryophyllum pinnatum Plant ExtractFall-19Bioinformatics/BiosciencesDownload
452MMS181014Samina NazImpact of Monetary Policy on Islamic and Conventional Bank Financing: Evidence from Pakistani Banking SectorFall-19Management SciencesDownload
453MMS173030Najam Us SaherEvaluation of Value-at-Risk and Conditional Value-at-Risk by Using GARCH Model in Pakistan Equity MarketFall-19Management SciencesDownload
454MMS183022Umme e HabibaFactors Determining the Consumer Green Behavior: An Application of the Theory of Planned BehaviorFall-19Management SciencesDownload
455MMS183041Qurat ul AinCo-Movement & Time Varying Correlations Between Oil Prices, Gold Prices And Islamic Equity IndicesFall-19Management SciencesDownload
456MCE163013Kamran MuhammadOptimal Design of Mid Rise Building Using Performance Based Seismic Design ApproachFall-19Civil EngineeringDownload
457MPM181024Atiqa JabeenImpact of Openness to Experience on Innovative Behavior In Projects with Mediating Role of Epistemic Curiosity and Moderation Role of Project CultureFall-19Management SciencesDownload
458MCE183041Hassan RazaStructural Behavior of Eccentric Square Columns having Jute Fibre Reinforced Concrete and GFRP RebarsFall-19Civil EngineeringDownload
459MCS173016Umar NaseerLexicon Based Impact Analysis of Adverbs & Adjectives for Sentiment Analysis EvaluationFall-19Computer ScienceDownload
460MMT173034Altaf hussainHeat and Mass Transfer Analysis of MHD Casson Fluid with Soret and Dufour EffectFall-19MathematicsDownload
461MMT173007Khushba MumtazCryptanalysis of Matrix based Digital Signature and Encryption Schemes based on Block CipherFall-19MathematicsDownload
462MMT181020Tooba AzamCryptanalysis of the Encryption Scheme based on Advanced Hill Cipher AlgorithmFall-19MathematicsDownload
463MMS173044Madiha Arooj KausarImpact of Leader-Expressed Humility on Employee Creativity with Mediating Role of Job Engagement and Moderating Role of Psychological CapitalFall-19Management SciencesDownload
464MPM183019Iqra NajabatImpact of Knowledge Management Capabilities on Project Success: Mediating Role of Team Cohesion and Moderating Role of Emotional IntelligenceFall-19Management SciencesDownload
465MPM173046Farwa SulemanImpact of Knowledge Diversity in Projects on Team Creativity and Project Survival: Examining the Mediating Nature of Team Creativity and Moderating Role of Relational Social CapitalFall-19Management SciencesDownload
466MMT163007Qurat ul Ain RubabInfluence of Inclined Magnetic Field on Mixed Convective Nanofluid Flow Inside Porous CavityFall-19MathematicsDownload
467MMT173032Madiha IqbalMixed Convection Nanofluid Flow with Inclined Magnetic Field and Joule Heating Effects over Porous Backward Facing StepFall-19MathematicsDownload
468MPM181054Muneeb-ur-Rehman TajwarImpact of Shared Leadership on Project Success with Mediating Role of Team Building and Moderating Role of Project ComplexityFall-19Management SciencesDownload
469MCS181027Rohail GulbazTask Scheduling Optimization in Cloud ComputingFall-19Computer ScienceDownload
470MBS181003Nabgha NosheenBiological Evaluation Of Seeds Of Trigonella Foenum (Methi) Plant And Their Silver NanoparticlesFall-19Bioinformatics/BiosciencesDownload
471MCS173015Abdul RaufIdenti cations of Important Citations Using Section-wise SimilaritiesFall-19Computer ScienceDownload
472MMS173028Naila NazImpact of Abusive Supervision on Employee Well-being with the Mediating Role of Perceived Job Insecurity and Moderating Role of ResilienceFall-19Management SciencesDownload
473MCS173006Hasan Abbas ShahA Multilayer Encryption Model to Protect Healthcare Data in Cloud EnvironmentFall-19Computer ScienceDownload
474MBI173005Alamdar HussainFormal Modeling and Analysis of Insulin Resistance PathwayFall-19Bioinformatics/BiosciencesDownload
475MCE183019Shehryar AhmedImpact Resistance of Concrete Wall having Jute Fibers and GFRP RebarsFall-19Civil EngineeringDownload
476MMS181015Aqib Sha fiqueCrude Oil Price Uncertainty and Corporate Net Working CapitalFall-19Management SciencesDownload
477MMS161020Hamza ManzoorDeterminants of Equity Financing: A Study of Non-Financial Firms Listed on Pakistan Stock ExchangeFall-19Management SciencesDownload
478MBAG181005Durr E Shehwar NaseemImpact of Macroeconomic Variables on Stock Markets: An Evidence from Emerging and Developed MarketsFall-19Management SciencesDownload
479MPM181035Bushra YaseenImpact of Virtual Collaboration on Project Success with the Mediating Role of Task Complexity and Moderating Role of TrustFall-19Management SciencesDownload
480MMS183010Zunaira KhursheedImpact of Exploitative Leadership on Family Incivility: Mediating Role of Negative Affectivity and Moderating Role of Locus of ControlFall-19Management SciencesDownload
481MBS181007Samra BibiIsolation and Identi cation of Prevalent Microbial Pathogen From Domestic Kitchen Associated with HouseflyFall-19Bioinformatics/BiosciencesDownload
482MMT181002Muti-Ur-RahmanRestricted Trapezoid Five-Body ProblemFall-19MathematicsDownload
483MPM161015Iqra JavedEffect of Ethical Leadership on Project Employee Turnover Intention with Mediating Role of Project Identi cation and Moderating Role of Trust in LeaderFall-19Management SciencesDownload
484MMT181009Umair Ahmed ButtCone Extended b-Metric Space Over Banach AlgebraFall-19MathematicsDownload
485MEE173013Hassan KhanEfficient Charging and Scheduling of Electric Vehicles through Load Forecasting ModelsFall-19Electrical EngineeringDownload
486MBS181002Rabiya ShahidNew Players in the Sulfur Cycle the Microbial Ecology of Anaerobic and Archaeal Sulfur Reduction; A Step Towards Efficient Microbial Enhanced Oil RecoveryFall-19Bioinformatics/BiosciencesDownload
487MPM181016Irum Younis KhanThe Impact of Shared Leadership on Team Effectiveness, in Project Teams, with Mediating Role of Trust and Moderated by Project Team CommitmentFall-19Management SciencesDownload
488MBS181012Ayesha AftabAnalysis of Gut Microbiome Interactions in Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD)Fall-19Bioinformatics/BiosciencesDownload
489MCE163022Sarfraz AhmadDamage Assessment of an Existing Reinforced Concrete Frame Structure using Performance Based Seismic DesignFall-19Civil EngineeringDownload
490MCE173021Muhammad UsmanEffect of Different Ground Motion Scaling Methods on Behavior of 40 Story RC Core Wall BuildingsFall-19Civil EngineeringDownload
491MBS181005Rabbia Ahmed AwanComparison of The Biological Evaluation of Two Different Varieties of Cumin Seed ExtractFall-19Bioinformatics/BiosciencesDownload
492MCS171031Nouman Ahmad KhanHandling Family Relations Inconsistencies in LoD (DBpedia)Fall-19Computer ScienceDownload
493MPM173006Nabiha BatoolThe Role of Emotional Intelligence in Agile Team Composition as Mediator in Software Project Success with Transformational Leadership as ModeratorFall-19Management SciencesDownload
494MBS181004Shagufta BatoolMetagenomic Analysis of Ammonia Oxidizing Archaea Affiliated with the Oil FieldFall-19Bioinformatics/BiosciencesDownload
495MCE173005Mirza Muhammad Bilal SafdarComparative Analysis and Design of Elevated Water Tank using Conventional and BIM ApproachFall-19Civil EngineeringDownload
496MCE183051Irbaz HasanEnergy Optimization of a Residential High Rise Building using BIM for SustainabilityFall-19Civil EngineeringDownload
497MMT181005Mehvish SultanSome Fixed Point Theorems in Partial Extended b-Metric SpacesFall-19MathematicsDownload
498MMS181021Mahin AbidThe Impact of Abusive Supervision on Workplace Gossip: Mediating Role of Trust in Supervisor and Moderating Role of LMX QualityFall-19Management SciencesDownload
499MMT161012Sulman LiaquatA Computational Package for Working with Elliptic Curve GroupsFall-19MathematicsDownload
500MCS173025Ammara SajjadPerformance Analysis of Scheduling Schemes for Cloud Computing ResourcesFall-19Computer ScienceDownload
501MCE183036Mehran SudheerOut-of-plane Behavior of Prototype Interlocking Plastic-block Wall with Opening Under Harmonic LoadingSpring-20Civil EngineeringDownload
502MPM173003Muhammad Sami UllahImpact of Entrepreneurial Orientation on Project Success: Mediating Role of Technological Orientation and Moderating Role of Top Management SupportFall-19Management SciencesDownload
503MCS173064Muhammad Majid ZamanA Comparative Analysis Based Survey of Authentication and Encryption Schemes used in VANETsFall-19Computer ScienceDownload
504MCE161014Shafquat Ali AslamHydraulic and Financial Comparison of Combined and Separate Sewer Systems for a Residential Colony in IslamabadFall-19Civil EngineeringDownload
505MCS171017Muhammad SalmanAssessment of Author Ranking Indices based on Multi-authorshipFall-19Computer ScienceDownload
506MMS181017Sana SamsonImpact of Person-job Fit on Innovative Work Behavior with Mediating Role of Psychological Meaningfulness and Moderating Role of Trust in ManagementSpring-20Management SciencesDownload
507MPM181008Rabiya SaleemImpact of Total Quality Management on Organizational Performance with Mediating Role of Organizational Culture and Moderating Role of Project ComplexitySpring-20Management SciencesDownload
508MMT181001Asad AliBest Proximity Points for Suzuki-Edelstein Proximal Contraction in b-Metric SpaceSpring-20MathematicsDownload
509MMS183009Haider AliSukuk and International Financial Markets: Co-movement DynamicsSpring-20Management SciencesDownload
510MMS163009Ijaz RasoolImpact of Ownership Structure on Corporate Debt Maturity: An Empirical Study of Non-Financial Sector of PakistanSpring-20Management SciencesDownload
511MMT173001Ha za Umara IsmailAcoustic Propagation and Scattering through the Lined CavitiesSpring-20MathematicsDownload
512MMS183029Mahrukh SaadatReturn and Volatility Spillover from Global Interest Rate to Equity Market of South Asian CountriesSpring-20Management SciencesDownload
513MPM181001Madni Saba ZamanImpact of Perceived Ease of Use and Perceived Usefulness of Enterprise Resource Planning System Adoption on End User AcceptanceSpring-20Management SciencesDownload
514MPM181020Uzair JamilImpact of Transformational Leadership on Project Success with the Mediating Role of Participative Decision Structure and Moderating Role of Team CompetenceSpring-20Management SciencesDownload
515MME171002Usama GhaziTank Gun Stabilization Using Mathematical ModelingSpring-20Mechanical EngineeringDownload
516MEE171001Jawad AliSynchronization and Anti-synchronization of Financial Chaotic Systems Using Sliding Mode Control TechniqueSpring-20Electrical EngineeringDownload
517MMS173040Sohail NawabAn Integrated Model for Cues Motivating Online Tour Destination Purchase DecisionSpring-20Management SciencesDownload
518MBS181013Nosheen Afzal QureshiGenome Based Drug Target Identi cation in Human Pathogen Streptococcus gallolyticusSpring-20Bioinformatics/BiosciencesDownload
519MPM183015Adeel Ahmed KalyarThe Relation between Despotic Leadership and Psychological Well-Being in Project Based OrganizationSpring-20Management SciencesDownload
520MME163006Mawiz Muaz TariqDesign and Analysis of Composite Leaf SpringSpring-20Mechanical EngineeringDownload
521MPM181005 Bushra Jalil Impact of Despotic Leadership (DL) on Employee’s Performance: Mediating Effect of Emotional Exhaustion (EE) and Role of Project Culture as ModeratorFall-19Management SciencesDownload
522MCS183015Muhammad SaqibST index to Rank Awardees using Neural NetworkSpring-20Computer ScienceDownload
523MMS181022Shahzar AtiqImpact of Servant Leadership on Employee Performance with Mediating Role of Trust in Leadership and Moderating Role of Power DistanceSpring-20Management SciencesDownload
524MMS163031Arfat UllahPerformance Comparisons of Islamic and Conventional Banks in Bangladesh, Malaysia and PakistanSpring-20Management SciencesDownload
525MMS183014Mubasher AliSeasonality, Asymmetry and Non-linearity in Return and Conditional Volatility of Leading CryptocurrenciesSpring-20Management SciencesDownload
526MPM183035Syeda Farwa Batool AbidiImpact of Workplace Fun On Project Task Performance with The Mediating Role of Employee Engagement and Moderating Role of Positive HumorSpring-20Management SciencesDownload
527MMS183002Syyed Ali Raza KazmiImpact of Crude Oil Market on the South Asian Equity Markets: Copula ApproachSpring-20Management SciencesDownload
528MMS173008Komal AsiahImpact of Despotic Leadership on Employee Instigated Workplace Incivility through Interpersonal Conflict with Moderation of Self-EfficacySpring-20Management SciencesDownload
529MMS183028Sanaullah Khan GandapurSpillover from Global Volatility Index to Equity Markets of Selected Islamic CountriesSpring-20Management SciencesDownload
530MMS173004Ayesha DildarMean and Volatility Spillovers of Crude Oil on Food Sector Stock Indices in Oil Importing and Oil Exporting CountriesSpring-20Management SciencesDownload
531MBAG183011Barkat UllahMacro Level Determinants of Firm Performance: A Sector Wise Approach with Evidence from PakistanSpring-20Management SciencesDownload
532MMS183040Ulfat YasminImpact of Workplace Bullying on Employee Cynicism by Considering Emotional Labour as a Mediator and Core Self-Evaluation as a ModeratorSpring-20Management SciencesDownload
533MMS181007Sahibzada Suhail KhanProduct Diversi cation and Bank Risk Evidence from South Asian Banking InstitutionsSpring-20Management SciencesDownload
534MMS173045Maira EmmanuelImpact of Inclusive Leadership on Innovative Work Behavior with Mediating Role of Employee Volunteer and Moderating Role of Trust in LeadershipSpring-20Management SciencesDownload
535MBS183004M Farhan IllahiIn Silico Study of Propolis as a Potential Healing Agent for Gastric UlcerSpring-20Bioinformatics/BiosciencesDownload
536MCE173006Muhammad BilalInvestigation of Jute Fiber Reinforced Concrete Having GFRP Rebars in Slabs Under Impact LoadingSpring-20Civil EngineeringDownload
537MBS183017Asma AyubPharmacological Evaluation of Zinc Oxide Nanoparticles Synthesized by using Leaf Extract of Bryophyllum pinnatumSpring-20Bioinformatics/BiosciencesDownload
538MCE171014Aun IsmailExperimental Investigation on Properties of Fiber Reinforced Concrete Related to Bridge PiersSpring-20Civil EngineeringDownload
539MMS191020Falak NazImpact of Cronyism on Deviant Workplace Behavior and Employee Creativity: Mediating Role of Moral Disengagement and Moderating Role of Power DistanceSpring-20Management SciencesDownload
540MBS183014Sadaf KianiIdenti cation of Therapeutic Targets Against Streptococcus gordonii by Subtractive Genomic AnalysisSpring-20Bioinformatics/BiosciencesDownload
541MBS183001Iqra NisarChromium Reduction and Plant Growth Promotion by Staphylococcus arlettae in WheatSpring-20Bioinformatics/BiosciencesDownload
542MBS183002Huma AslamSynthesis and Evaluation of ZnO Nanoparticles of Trigonella foenum for their Biological ActivitiesSpring-20Bioinformatics/BiosciencesDownload
543MBS183003Farhana KhalilResistome Distribution Vs Total Bacterial Diversity in Five Major Glaciers of PakistanSpring-20Bioinformatics/BiosciencesDownload
544MBS183007Sayed Shah AliEnumeration of Pathogenic Bacteria From Chicken Slaughter Containers in Twin Cities; A Source of Antibiotic ResistanceSpring-20Bioinformatics/BiosciencesDownload
545MBS183011Nadra SaharBiochemical and Biological Evaluation of PropolisSpring-20Bioinformatics/BiosciencesDownload
546MBS183012Sermad BilalPrevalence of Potential Pathogens Present in Biomedical Waste and Analysis of Efficacy of Routinely Used DisinfectantsSpring-20Bioinformatics/BiosciencesDownload
547MCE173020Liaqat Ali KhanSustainable Framework on Hybrid Fiber Reinforced Concrete to Control water losses in Canal LiningSpring-20Civil EngineeringDownload
548MCE183009Hammad BashirDynamic Response of Interlocking Plastic-Block Walls with Diaphragm using Numerical ApproachSpring-20Civil EngineeringDownload
549MCE183045Summer YaminEvaluation of Hydraulic Condition of Soan River at Downstream of Chirah Station to Plan and Propose Water TurbineSpring-20Civil EngineeringDownload
550MCE183046Sohail AfzalOut-of-plane Behavior of Prototype Interlocking Plastic-block Solid Wall Under Harmonic LoadingSpring-20Civil EngineeringDownload
551MCE191003Usman HussainComparative Analysis of Green Building Rating Systems for Sustainability Assessment of a Residential BuildingSpring-20Civil EngineeringDownload
552MCS181011Asia ShahabA Static Analysis Based Approach to Detect Energy Bugs in Android ApplicationsSpring-20Computer ScienceDownload
553MCS181049Asifa KanwalHandling Class Imbalance Data using Class Label PredictionSpring-20Computer ScienceDownload
554MCS181053Wajeeha SultanSalient Object Detection with Deep LearningSpring-20Computer ScienceDownload
555MEE181002Muhammad Qasim RaufPhotovoltaic Power Forecast in an Energy Management System for a Hybrid MicrogridSpring-20Electrical EngineeringDownload
556MMS163030Muhammad LatifDeterminants of Capital Structure and In uence of 2008 Financial Crisis: Evidence from Pakistani Non-Financial FirmsSpring-20Management SciencesDownload
557MMT163016Sultan MehmoodVisually Meaningful Image EncryptionSpring-20MathematicsDownload
558MMT173018Saba JabeenE ect of Inclined Magnetic Field and Higher Order Chemical Reaction on Stagnation Point Nano uid FlowSpring-20MathematicsDownload
559MMT173035Faiza AnjumImpact of Slip Wall on MHD Casson Nano uid in the Presence of Viscous Dissipation and Thermal RadiationSpring-20MathematicsDownload
560MMT183001Usman ShehzadMultivalued Fractals in Cone b-Metric SpacesSpring-20MathematicsDownload
561MMT183010Muhammad Qayyum KhanA Carreau Nano uid Flow over a Non-Linearly Stretching SheetSpring-20MathematicsDownload
562MMT183011Muhammad Asif KhanHeat Transfer and Boundary Layer Flow of Casson Fluid over a Non-Linear Stretching SheetSpring-20MathematicsDownload
563MMT183028Amna NazRelation Theoretic Coincidence and Common Fixed Point Results under (Fw;R)g-ContractionsSpring-20MathematicsDownload
564MPM181017Usmania Nadeem AbbasiImpact of Nepotism on Project Failure: Mediating Role of Employee Turnover and Moderating Role of Job Insecurity ClimateSpring-20Management SciencesDownload
565MPM181018Zainab SaeedImpact of Shared Leadership on Virtual Team E ectiveness in Project with the Mediating Role of Trust Building and Moderating Role of Project CultureSpring-20Management SciencesDownload
566MPM181046Faisal JamshedImpact of Innovative Leadership on Project Performance with the Mediating Role of Team Creativity and Moderating Role of Collaborative CultureSpring-20Management SciencesDownload
567MPM181050Muhammad Attiq Ur RehmanImpact of Transformational Leadership on Project Success: Mediating Role of Team Work and Moderating Role of Project CultureSpring-20Management SciencesDownload
568MPM183083Ezzah Bint -e- ShaukatThe Impact of Empowering Leadership on Employee Creativity in Project-Based Organizations with the Mediating Role of Employee Engagement and Moderating Role of Proactive PersonalitySpring-20Management SciencesDownload
569MCE183031Khurram ShahzadE ect of Block-Return on Out-of-Plane Behavior of Interlocking Plastic-Block Walls under Harmonic LoadingSpring-20Civil EngineeringDownload
570MCS171009Shahbaz KhanImage Fusion in Spatial Domain using Local Binary PatternSpring-20Computer ScienceDownload
571MCS181012Ayesha NaseerA GUI Based Approach to Detect Energy Bugs in Android ApplicationsSpring-20Computer ScienceDownload
572MEM183009Raja Awais LiaqaitSustainable Supplier Selection and Order Allocation Using Fuzzy Multicriteria Decision Making and Multi Objective OptimizationSpring-20Mechanical EngineeringDownload
573MME183004Rehan QaiserHeat Transfer Enhancement of Latent Thermal Energy Storage System Using Multiple Tubes and Modi ed Shell DesignsSpring-20Mechanical EngineeringDownload
574MMS173039Samia DurraniImpact of Gossip at Workplace on Workplace Incivility; Mediating Role of Interpersonal Con ict and Moderating Role of PersonalitySpring-20Management SciencesDownload
575MMS173049Istesar AhmedImpact of Bank Speci c Variables on Banks Pro tability: Moderating Role of Global Financial CrisisSpring-20Management SciencesDownload
576MMS183025Rooha BalochCyber Bullying and its Emotional Impact on Employees Performance with Mediating Role of Psychological Distress and Moderating Role of Management SupportSpring-20Management SciencesDownload
577MMS183008Muhammad Sohaib AnwarAttitude Formation Barriers towards Digital Advertising Resistance, with the Moderating Effect of Traditional AdvertisingSpring-20Management SciencesDownload
578MPM191007Iqra EhsanImpact of Abusive Leadership on Project Success with Mediating Role of Workplace Deviance and Moderating Role of AgreeablenessSpring-20Management SciencesDownload
579MPM181029Sana FaizImpact of Project Risk Management on Project Quality with the Mediating Role of Project Efficiency and Moderating Role of Project CultureSpring-20Management SciencesDownload
580MEM163014Muhammad Muneeb HayatAn Investigation into Causes of Delays in Construction Projects of PakistanSpring-20Mechanical EngineeringDownload
581MPM181040Zulfiqar AhmedImpact of IT Tools on Project Value: Mediating Role of Team Coordination and Moderating Role of Top Management SupportSpring-20Management SciencesDownload
582MCS163011Sanam FidaStudent Performance Prediction by Using Cluster AnalysisSpring-20Computer ScienceDownload
583MCS181020Shahila SadiqA NAT Traversal Method for Interconnecting Networks in an SDN EnvironmentSpring-20Computer ScienceDownload
584MEE161013Qazi Muhammad KashifA Modi ed Perturb and Observe Maximum Power Point Tracking Technique for Handling Partial ShadingFall-18Electrical EngineeringDownload
585MMT173023Iqra ZaibE ects of Chemical Reaction on Nano uid Flow Past a Stretching Sheet with Thermal RadiationsSpring-20MathematicsDownload
586MBS183020Afifa GhazanfarAssociation Between IL-17A Polymorphisms (rs2275913 and rs3748067) and Cancer Risk in Asian Population: A Meta AnalysisSpring-20Bioinformatics/BiosciencesDownload
587MBS183019Azeeqa GulMeta-Analysis of Genetic Polymorphisms of Interleukin-1 Receptor Associated Kinase (IRAK1) with Susceptibility to Autoimmune DiseasesSpring-20Bioinformatics/BiosciencesDownload
588MEM163015Atif MehmoodAn Investigation into Causes of Accidents in Construction Projects of PakistanSpring-20Mechanical EngineeringDownload
589MBS183018Sadia BibiAssociation of TNF- -308G/A Gene Polymorphism with the Risk of Autoimmune Diseases: A Meta-AnalysisSpring-20Bioinformatics/BiosciencesDownload
590MBS183005Ahmad Zafar BaigInsilico Analysis of Mosquito (Family: Culicidae) Microbiome Diversity and its Role in Insecticide ResistanceSpring-20Bioinformatics/BiosciencesDownload
591MEE171028Ghufran Ul HaqHarmonic and Switching Loss Analysis of Improved Space Vector Modulation for Modular Multilevel ConvertersSpring-20Electrical EngineeringDownload
592MEE181003Mirza Imran TariqImplementation of SCSM in Modular Multilevel HVDC Converter with Modi ed Controller using New Logic Gate Converter for DC Fault Blocking CapabilitySpring-20Electrical EngineeringDownload
593MPM191042AroojImpact of Talent Management Practices on Project Success: The Mediating Role of Proactive Behavior: and Moderating Role of Ethical LeadershipSpring-20Management SciencesDownload
594MPM183084Muhammad Usman AslamImpact of Emotional Intelligence on Project Performance by Considering Mediating Role of Task Interdependence and Moderating Role of Risk ManagementSpring-20Management SciencesDownload
595MMS173012Muhammad Zohaib ChoudaryImpact of Functional, Symbolic and Hedonic Values on Brand Trust to Shape Brand Attachment by Considering Brand Trust as Mediator in Hospitality IndustrySpring-20Management SciencesDownload
596MCS173003Muhammad Ubaid Ur RehmanGenetic Algorithm based Multi-focus Image Fusion using Local FeaturesSpring-20Computer ScienceDownload
597MPM183021Miss Syeda Aymen AbidImpact of Feminine Leadership on Project Success: Mediating Role of Project Manager’s Passion and Moderating Role of Project Manager’s Emotional IntelligenceSpring-20Management SciencesDownload
598MPM191019Anita AroojImpact of Proactive Personality on Project Performance: The Mediating Role of Thriving at Work and Moderating Role of CollectivismSpring-20Management SciencesDownload
599MMT173028Ibrahim JahangeerE ects of an Inclined Magnetic Field on the Unsteady Squeezing Flow between Parallel Plates with Suction/InjectionSpring-20MathematicsDownload
600MMT173025Irtiza Ul HassanRegions of Central Con gurations in a Symmetric 4+1 Body ProblemSpring-20MathematicsDownload
601MCS181017Mariam NawazA Novel Formula to calculate Similarity between Paper Title and Tweets by employing Dis-similarity and sub-sequencesSpring-20Computer ScienceDownload
602MBS183015Shabeen FatimaComparative Genomic Analysis to Explore Key Genetic Factors Associated with Probiotic Capabilities of Akkermansia muciniphilaSpring-20Bioinformatics/BiosciencesDownload
603MCS181044Taimoor RiazCiFE - Citation Function Extraction from Citations’ ContextSpring-20Computer ScienceDownload
604MMT183003Nimra ShanakhatNumerical Analysis of MHD Heat Transfer and Nano fluid Flow over a Porous Plate with Radiation and Joule Heating EffectsSpring-20MathematicsDownload
605MCS171035Sarmad HassanPredicting the Number of Software Faults Using Significant Process and Code MetricsSpring-20Computer ScienceDownload
606MPM183081Iqra NawazInvestigating the Impact of Project Managers Passion during COVID-19 on Projects’ Success via Mediation of Professionalism and Moderation of Computer Self-efficacySpring-20Management SciencesDownload
607MMT181012Ali AsgharDigital Signature Based On Matrices Using Tropical AlgebraSpring-20MathematicsDownload
608MMT173026Mariam ShoukatKey Exchange, Encryption Decryption and Proxy Re-encryption using PseudoinversesSpring-20MathematicsDownload
609MMT163018Hamid KhanPlanar Central Confi gurations of Restricted Six-Body ProblemsSpring-20MathematicsDownload
610MMT181006Muhammad ZahidCentral Confi guration in a Symmetric Five Body ProblemSpring-20MathematicsDownload
611MMT173013Ayesha BegumAn Unsteady Squeezing Casson Fluid Flow Under the Effect of Darcy NumberSpring-20MathematicsDownload
612MPM183069Maryam GulfrazImpact of Knowledge Sharing on Employee Task Performance with The Mediating Role of Intention to Share and Moderating Role of Project CommitmentSpring-20Management SciencesDownload
613MPM183056Saima QayyumImpact of Despotic Leadership on Employee Job Performance and Life Satisfaction with a Mediating Role of Emotional Exhaustion and Moderating Role of Social SupportSpring-20Management SciencesDownload
614MEM163005Faiza NadeemConsideration of Sustainability in Project Management Decision Making Process Regarding Six ConstraintsSpring-20Mechanical EngineeringDownload
615MMS181026Sahar AslamImpact of Independent Directors and Board Size on Corporate Investment PolicySpring-20Management SciencesDownload
616MPM183077Atia tul WahabThe Impact of People-related Quality Management Practices on Project Performance with Moderating Role of CommunicationSpring-20Management SciencesDownload
617MPM163015Junaid Nawaz JanjuaImpact of Transformational Leadership on Project Success by Considering Job Satisfaction as a Mediator and Uncertainty Avoidance as ModeratorSpring-20Management SciencesDownload
618MME181005Fakhar Ul HasnainNumerical Study to Enhance the Melting and Solidi cation of Phase Change Material Using Branched Fins and Nano-ParticlesSpring-20Mechanical EngineeringDownload
619MEE163002Sharjeel Anwar SyedMonocular Depth Perception Using Deep LearningSpring-20Electrical EngineeringDownload
620MMT183007Muhammad Adnan ManzoorMHD Flow of Nanofluid with Joule Heating and Arrhenius Activation EnergySpring-20MathematicsDownload
621MMT181014Mehmood-ul-Hassan TahirMHD Squeezing Flow of Maxwell Nanofluid with Thermal RadiationSpring-20MathematicsDownload
622MMS183021Rabia AmanullahImpact of Passive Leadership on Emotional Exhaustion with the Mediating Role of Workplace Incivility and Moderating Role of Affective CommitmentSpring-20Management SciencesDownload
623MMT181010Imrozia ShaheenWeak Partial b-metric Space endowed with a Suzuki-type Multivalued ContractionFall-20MathematicsDownload
624MMS183001Maria MumtazShariah Compliant Status and Firm Life Stages as Determinants of Corporate Governance in PakistanFall-20Management SciencesDownload
625MMS183007Shuja Ur RehmanThe Nexus between Financial Development and Energy Consumption: Estimating the Role of Foreign Direct Investment, Economic Growth and UrbanizationFall-20Management SciencesDownload
626MPM191005Javeria BegumImpact of Shared Leadership on Project Team Performance with Mediation of Team Innovation and Moderation of Task UncertaintyFall-20Management SciencesDownload
627MCE193004Arif AhmadzaiNumerical Study of Far and Near-Fault Ground Motion Effects on Elevated Water TankFall-20Civil EngineeringDownload
628MPM191026Zafar MuhammadImpact of Emotional Intelligence on Project Performance with the Mediating Role of Trust in Team Members and Moderating Influence of Role Ambiguity in International Development ProjectsFall-20Management SciencesDownload
629MMS183003Tooba RohaniImpact of Punitive Supervision on Employee's Creativity and Task Performance: Mediating Role of Social Undermining and Knowledge Hiding Behavior of Employees Moderating Role of Employee ResilienceFall-20Management SciencesDownload
630MMT181011Sobia ShaheenSymmetric Collinear Central Confi gurations for Four MassesFall-20MathematicsDownload
631MMS191017Muhammad ArslanForecasting Battles in High Frequency Data: Classical, Machine Learning, and Deep Learning MethodsFall-20Management SciencesDownload
632MEE191009Rao Farhat MasoodDeep Learning Based Lumbar Spine Vertebrae Segmentation, Automated Measurements and Disorders ClassificationFall-20Electrical EngineeringDownload
633MMT183015Hina WarasatSymmetric Collinear Central Con figurations for Two Pairs of Equal MassesFall-20MathematicsDownload
634MMS173043Ibtisam Shafi queImpact of Financial Development and Credit Information Sharing on Trade Credit Receivables, Trade Credit Payables and Total Trade CreditFall-20Management SciencesDownload
635MBS191003Muhammad MaazIdenti fication of Anti-inflammatory Metabolites From Trigonella foenum graecumFall-20Bioinformatics/BiosciencesDownload
636MCS183056Abdul MoqeetA Machine Learning Based Classifi cation Technique to Detect DDoS Attack in Cloud Computing EnvironmentSpring-20Computer ScienceDownload
637MCE193029Kaynat AroojMechanical, Dynamic and Absorption Properties of Hybrid Fiber Reinforced Concrete for Rigid Pavements ApplicationFall-20Civil EngineeringDownload
638MPM191023Khuram FaridDimensions of Team Work Leading to Project Completion, with the Moderating Role of Government InterferenceFall-20Management SciencesDownload
639MPM193003Aisha Irshad MalikImpact of Emotional Intelligence on Project Performance by Considering Mediating Role of Task Interdependence and Moderating Role of Organizational CultureFall-20Management SciencesDownload
640MMS191025Asfandiyar KhanSpillover from Crude Oil to the Agriculture Commodities and Pakistan Stock ExchangeFall-20Management SciencesDownload
641MMT183019Ayesha MaqboolMHD Inclined Magnetic Field with Joule Heating and Thermal Radiation with Stagnation Point FlowFall-20MathematicsDownload
642MEE171026Irej Mahmood BaigDesign and Analysis of Three-Phase 100 kVA, 20 kHz Solid-State TransformerFall-20Electrical EngineeringDownload
643MCE163026Kavish MehboobAnalysis of Climate Change Effects on the Temporal Distribution of Surface Water in KhuzdarSpring-20Civil EngineeringDownload
644MMT191009Mahzad AhmedMHD Radiative Nano uid Flow with Cattaneo-Christov Heat Flux and Chemical ReactionFall-20MathematicsDownload
645MPM183052Muhammad AsadShared Leadership, Organizational Commitment and Well-being: Mediating Role of Psychological Capital and Moderating Role of Task InterdependenceFall-20Management SciencesDownload
646MMS173033Muhammad FaisalImpact of Leverage and Corporate Governance on Earning Management: Empirical Evidence from the Manufacturing Sector of PakistanFall-20Management SciencesDownload
647MMS183023Muhammad Usman KhanLeader Member Exchange Influence on Employee Cyber Loafing Via Meaningful Work: Supervisor Phubbing as ModeratorFall-20Management SciencesDownload
648MPM173057Mumtaz HussainMediating Role of Customer Satisfaction in Determining Service Quality and Moderating Role of Switching Barriers on Customer LoyaltyFall-20Management SciencesDownload
649MBS191017Namal KhanIn Silico Analysis of Turmeric as Anti-inflammatory Agent against ACE2 ReceptorFall-20Bioinformatics/BiosciencesDownload
650MMS183032Niamat AliLong Run and Short Run Connection between Emerging Asian Markets and World Conventional and Islamic MarketsFall-20Management SciencesDownload
651MMS181025Sidra ShajarThe Impact of Tyrannical Leadership on Employee Withdrawal Behavior: Mediating Role of Emotional Exhaustion and Moderating Role of Employee Workplace OstracismFall-20Management SciencesDownload
652MMT183029Syed Amir Ghazi Ali ShahEffect of Thermal Radiation and Chemical Reaction on MHD Carreau Fluid Flow over a Stretching SheetFall-20MathematicsDownload
653MEE173019YaseenNon-Linear Control Techniques for Stabilization of Planar Vertical Take-off and Landing AircraftFall-20Electrical EngineeringDownload
654MBS191005Zarina KhurshidDetermination of Potential Antioxidants of Artemisia annua by Computational ApproachesFall-20Bioinformatics/BiosciencesDownload
655MMS191030Ch Hasnain RiazImpact of Workplace Telepressure on Work-Family Con ict: Mediating Role of Psychological Detachment and Moderating Role of Job AutonomyFall-20Management SciencesDownload
656MMS191012Humma AbaratReturn and Volatility Spillover among Shariah Compliant Equity MarketsFall-20Management SciencesDownload
657MMS191002Nayyab GulfrazBi-directional Mean and Volatility Spillover among Equity MarketsFall-20Management SciencesDownload
658MBS191001SulimanRelationship of ABO Blood Group, Diabetes and Age with Severity of COVID-19 among Swat, KPK PopulationFall-20Management SciencesDownload
659MCE183053Ahsan AfrazImprovement in Properties of Concrete using Hybrid Fiber and Ground Granulated Blast Furnace SlagFall-20Civil EngineeringDownload
660MMS193003Aqsa ZahidThe Role of Paternalistic Leadership in Innovative Performance: Mediating Role of Leader-Member Exchange (LMX) and Moderating Role of Power DistanceFall-20Management SciencesDownload
661MEE181005Arsalan Haider NoorGraphene Based Material for Supercapacitance ApplicationFall-20Electrical EngineeringDownload
662MMS181002Fatima SabirImpact of Despotic Leadership on Work-Family Con ict by Considering Emotional Exhaustion as a Mediator and Neuroticism as a ModeratorFall-20Management SciencesDownload
663MCE181005Ha z Muhammad AwaisOptimization of Jute Fibre Content in Concrete Slabs having GFRP Rebars against Impact LoadingFall-20Civil EngineeringDownload
664MMS191011Hifsa Hussain RajaReturns Optimization and Returns Prediction in Presence of Fear Sentiments Using Machine Learning AlgorithmsFall-20Management SciencesDownload
665MMS191004Ifrah AmjadInformation Spillover Between Oil and Equity Market: An Examination of Dynamic Patterns During PandemicFall-20Management SciencesDownload
666MMS183017Kanza TahirImpact of Cognitive Absorption on Academic Procrastination by Considering the Mediating Role of Cyberloa ng and Moderating Role of Psychological CapitalFall-20Management SciencesDownload
667MMT183022Khola ShuaibPresic Form of Nonself Operators and Best Proximity Point Results in b-Metric SpacesFall-20MathematicsDownload
668MME191006Madeeha KhanEnergy Efficiency Enhancement of Residential Buildings in Pakistan by using Phase Change Materials in Building EnvelopeFall-20Mechanical EngineeringDownload
669MPM183016Muhammad Munawar ZamanImpact of Project Complexity on Project Success Mediating role of Agile Methodology Use and Moderating Role of Team CooperationFall-20Management SciencesDownload
670MMS181008Muhammad NaeemImpact of Demographic and Cognitive Board Diversity on Firm Performance with the Moderating Role of Political Control: Evidence from PakistanFall-20Management SciencesDownload
671MCE183067Muhammad Rashid IdreesHealth and Safety Framework Using Analytic Hierarchy Process for Building Construction Projects in PakistanFall-20Civil EngineeringDownload
672MMT171010Muhammad Tahir AfzalFixed Point Theorems on Extended b-metric-like Space with Expansive MappingsFall-20MathematicsDownload
673MBS191019Sana JavedDetermination of Potential Inhibitors of SARS-COVID-19 Present in Senna alexandrinaFall-20Bioinformatics/BiosciencesDownload
674MMS191031Shiza SikandarImpact of Environmental Responsibility and Environmental Knowledge on Green Consumption Intention: A Mediated-Moderation AnalysisFall-20Management SciencesDownload
675MMS193004Sumaira TahirRole of Workplace Hazing in Knowledge Hiding and Life Satisfaction: Mediating Role of Moral Disengagement and Moderating Role of Psychological HardinessFall-20Management SciencesDownload
676MMS173046Rabia MehreenDoes Corporate Sustainability and Corporate Governance Pays-off for Firm’s RiskFall-20Management SciencesDownload
677MMS183027Muhammad Khurram KhanEffects of Industrial Diversification on Banks Performance: Evidence from Pakistani Banking SectorFall-20Management SciencesDownload
678MME171013Raheel AhmadExperimental and Structural Evaluation of Cross-Flow TurbineFall-20Mechanical EngineeringDownload
679MBS191012Hasnain WaheedPrevalence of Hepatitis B and C in General Population and Transgender Population of RawalpindiFall-20Bioinformatics/BiosciencesDownload
680MEM183011Syeda Farwaa HaiderThe Impact of Participative Leadership on Project Success with Mediating Role of Coworker Knowledge Sharing and Moderating Role of Project Risk ManagementFall-20Mechanical EngineeringDownload
681MBS181006Zaki ul HasanDesign, Development and Evaluation of Herbal Antiseptic Wound PlasterFall-20Bioinformatics/BiosciencesDownload
682MME163012Faisal PirandadExperimental and Numerical Analysis of Electromagnetic Forming of Al- 6061 Alloy SheetsFall-20Mechanical EngineeringDownload
683MMT181022Fazeela KarimCryptanalysis and Modification of Certificateless Blind Signature Scheme using Elliptic Curve CryptographyFall-20MathematicsDownload
684MCE173025Junaid FarooqModel Updating for a Simple Structure against Impact LoadingFall-20Civil EngineeringDownload
685MCE183016Muhammad Sajid AslamCompressive Behavior of Interlocking Plastic Block Structural ElementsFall-20Civil EngineeringDownload
686MCE183015Sardar Junaid AsadConsequences of Block-Return on Dynamic In-Plane Behavior of Interlocking Plastic Block WallsFall-20Civil EngineeringDownload
687MMS191013Rimsha EjazGreen Bond and International Financial Markets: Spillover, Co-movement and DiversificationFall-20Management SciencesDownload
688MMS191010Abbas HaiderThe COVID-19 Impact on Oil Market and Equity Market Link: An Evidence from ARMA-GJR GARCH-M ModelFall-20Management SciencesDownload
689MCS183021Asad HayatA Load-Balanced Task Scheduler for Heterogeneous Systems based on Machine LearningFall-20Computer ScienceDownload
690MCS181015Baber NaeemGreen Computing: Analysis of Power and Energy Consumption of Personal ComputersFall-20Computer ScienceDownload
691MCS191006Maria SagheerEnergy Aware Test-Suite Prioritization for Android ApplicationsFall-20Computer ScienceDownload
692MCS183008Muhammad Nadeem NadirAnalysis of OpenCl Application on CPU and GPUFall-20Computer ScienceDownload
693MMS181023Poonam ShahzadiImpact of Presenteeism on Productivity Loss with Mediating Role of Burnout and Moderating Role of Self-Eciency: A Study on Teacher in Educational Sector of PakistanFall-20Management SciencesDownload
694MCS191031Rizwana JamshedA Comprehensive Ontology of Information Disruption Attacks for IoT based Health Care SystemsFall-20Computer ScienceDownload
695MMS173032Tahir Ullah khanImpact of Passion for Work on Knowledge Hiding with Mediating Role of Employee Cynicism and Moderating Role of Negative AffectivityFall-20Management SciencesDownload
696MCS183012Adnan Mahmood QureshiDetection of Malicious Consumer Interest Packet While Mitigating Content Poisoning AttackSpring-20Computer ScienceDownload
697MCE173014Danyal ShujaDevelopment of Relationship between Cost and Transformation of Conventional Commercial Buildings to Net Zero Energy BuildingsFall-20Civil EngineeringDownload
698MCS191020Syeda Zarwa FaizFeature Selection for Document ClassificationFall-20Computer ScienceDownload
699MCS173033Syed Fawad-ul-Hassan GillaniAn E ective Undersampling Approach to Deal with Class Imbalance Problem in Software Defect PredictionFall-20Computer ScienceDownload
700MCS191052Maham TariqA Technique for Compliance Identification for Information Security Policy DocumentsFall-20Computer ScienceDownload
701MCS183049Furqan Munir LodhiAn Analysis of Students’ Response on Virtual Learning Environment Adopted due to COVID-19Spring-20Computer ScienceDownload
702MMS183042Irfan AkhtarImpact of Workplace Bullying on Work Family Conflict: Mediating Role of Emotional Exhaustion and Moderating Role of NeuroticismFall-20Management SciencesDownload
703MPM183033Maria MaqsoodImpact of Agile Response to Change on Project Performance with the Mediating Role of Project Complexity and Moderating Role of Team CreativityFall-20Management SciencesDownload
704MPM183031Qura-tul-Ain NaeemImpact of Workplace Bullying on Project Efficiency with the Mediating Role of Burnout and the Moderating Role of Supportive LeadershipFall-20Management SciencesDownload
705MMT183025Qurat-ul-AinPlanar Symmetric Concave Central Configuration in Newtonian Four Body ProblemFall-20MathematicsDownload
706MCE183004Shaukat AnwarEffect of Diaphragm on Dynamic Behavior of Interlocking Plastic-Block Structure with Different Elements PatternFall-20Civil EngineeringDownload
707MBS191004Anam AyubIdentification of Biomarkers Associated with Prediabetic Insulin ResistanceFall-20Bioinformatics/BiosciencesDownload
708MBS191010Arooj WajidEstimation of Genetic Component Responsible for High Salt tolerance in Indigenous Desert Bacterial StrainFall-20Bioinformatics/BiosciencesDownload
709MBS191006Ayesha SafdarIdentification of miRNA as a Biomarker for the Efficient Diagnosis of Autism Spectrum DisorderFall-20Bioinformatics/BiosciencesDownload
710MBS191024Jaweria ZiaStructural and Functional Analysis of Translocation in DISC1 gene and Impact on SchizophreniaFall-20Bioinformatics/BiosciencesDownload
711MBS191016Rukhsana TabassumDetermination of Risk Factors and Associated Practices in the Valley of HunzaFall-20Bioinformatics/BiosciencesDownload
712MBS191002Shazina PervaizDetermination and Impact Analysis of Deleterious SNPs of ApoEFall-20Bioinformatics/BiosciencesDownload
713MBS191020Sumbal ShahzadiIn Silico Analysis of Multimorbidity between Asthma, Rhinosinusitis, Sinusitis and Gastroesophageal Reflux DiseasesFall-20Bioinformatics/BiosciencesDownload
714MBS191007Umm-e-FarwaElucidation of Pathway Crosstalks and Prospective Therapeutic Targets in Autism Spectrum DisorderFall-20Bioinformatics/BiosciencesDownload
715MBS181009Tamoor AkhtarAssociation of Factor V Leiden and Prothrombin Gene Mutation in Male and Placental-Mediated Pregnancy Complications in Female with their Risk FactorsSpring-21Bioinformatics/BiosciencesDownload
716MBS191011Sabah Kalsoom NaqviDiscovery of Bacterial Strain from Midgut of Anopheles stephensi in PakistanFall-20Bioinformatics/BiosciencesDownload
717MBS191009Shahir BanoExploration of Prevalent Bacterial Gut Microbiome of Culex quinquefasciatus(Culicidae)Fall-20Bioinformatics/BiosciencesDownload
718MBS191026Muhammad ZameerMolecular Epidemiology and Prevalence of Antibiotics Resistance Genes in Smog Particulate MatterFall-20Bioinformatics/BiosciencesDownload
719MCE173002Hassan AkhtarGreen Infrastructure Technique of Rainwater Harvesting for Sustainable Educational Institute Campus DesignSpring-21Civil EngineeringDownload
720MCS171019Muhammad ShafiqIdentifying an Effective Set of Attributes for Machine Learning Based Bug Reports ClassificationFall-20Computer ScienceDownload
721MPM181061Sidra MalikImpact of Empowering Leadership on Employee Creativity in Projects with Mediating Effect of Creative Self-Efficacy and Moderation of Project CultureFall-20Management SciencesDownload
722MMS181027 Muhammad Waqas TahirHow Leader's Work Family Conflict Induces the Abusive Supervision in Leaders, Testing the Mediating Role of Negative Affectivity and Moderating Role of Trait AnxietySpring-21Management SciencesDownload
723MPM183023Muhammad YasinImpact of Emotional Intelligence on Project Performance, Mediating Role of Relationship Con ict Moderation of Organizational Culture in Small and Medium Construction ProjectsSpring-21Management SciencesDownload
724MEM173001Emmad AdilDynamic Pricing and Wages Model for Crowd ShippingSpring-21Mechanical EngineeringDownload
725MMS193012Noor-ul-ainEquity Market Volatility and Portfolio Diversification within and Across Emerging Market and Developed MarketSpring-21Management SciencesDownload
726MPM193015Rukhshanda TariqPsychological Empowerment, Job Satisfaction, Organizational Learning Culture and Project Success in Project Based OrganizationsSpring-21Management SciencesDownload
727MMS183013Shahbaz KhalidImpact of Strategic Green Marketing Orientation and Green Supply Chain Management on Green Consumption Intention: A Mediated-Moderation AnalysisSpring-21Management SciencesDownload
728MCS183057Afnan ArshadInvestigation of Significant Features for Reviews HelpfulnessSpring-21Computer ScienceDownload
729MCS181002Muhammad Imran TahirPropaganda Detection Model for News Articles Using Machine Learning ApproachesSpring-21Computer ScienceDownload
730MMS171004Hassan Iftikhar MalikDeterminants of Foreign Direct Investment; Evidence From Asian CountriesFall-20Management SciencesDownload
731MMS193027Atiya IftikharImpact of COVID-19 on the Capital Structure of Listed Firms in PakistanSpring-21Management SciencesDownload
732MMS193025Nida NaeemImpact of Covid-19 on Herding Behavior in Equity Market of PakistanSpring-21Management SciencesDownload
733MMS191032Kanwal TanvirWho is Responsible for Workplace Deviance? Despotic Leadership in Relation to Moral Disengagement of EmployeesSpring-21Management SciencesDownload
734MPM183036Shamsa NazImpact of Shared Leadership on Project Team Performance with the Mediating Role of Knowledge Sharing and Moderating Role of Project Manager’s AmbidexteritySpring-21Management SciencesDownload
735MMS171024Maria Ra que KhanMeasuring Investor Sentiments Using Macroeconomic Variables as Proxies In South Asian CountriesSpring-21Management SciencesDownload
736MEE173017Muhammad HarisStudy of RCS Simulation Tools and Functional Enhancement of Physical Optics Facet (POFACETS c 4.2) Software Package for RCS ComputationsSpring-21Electrical EngineeringDownload
737MBS193022Iqra RiasatApplication of Pan-Genomics Approach for Clostridium botulinum TherapeuticsSpring-21Bioinformatics/BiosciencesDownload
738MBS193023Hadiqa NadeemIdentifying Genetic Expression of Regulatory Regions in Human and Non-Human Primates Influencing Facial Feature DevelopmentSpring-21Bioinformatics/BiosciencesDownload
739MMS201020Lailo BibiEffect of Overconfidence Bias on Investment Decisions: Mediating Role of Risk Perception and Moderating Role of Self-Attribution Bias and Illusion of ControlSpring-21Management SciencesDownload
740MCE193013Talha AhmedUrbanization and its Impacts on Floods Using GIS |A Case StudySpring-21Civil EngineeringDownload
741MMS193026Kiran SaeedImpact of Corporate Social Responsibility Disclosure Reports on Sale Performance: Evidence from Pakistani Non-Financial FirmsSpring-21Management SciencesDownload
742MMT193016Farhan AhmadAcoustic Propagation and Scattering through Lined CavitiesSpring-21MathematicsDownload
743MBS193029Zeeshan JaveedIn-silico Prediction of Resistance Genes (R-genes) Against Powdery Mildew in Cannabis sativa Using Expressed Sequence Tags (ESTs)Spring-21Bioinformatics/BiosciencesDownload
744MPM183030Muhammad EhtashamImpact of Project Governance on Project Performance, with the Mediating Role of Project Quality and Project Management Risk Within the IT Industry of Pakistan: A Multitheory PrespectiveSpring-21Management SciencesDownload
745MMS201004Hira Fatima JanAn Examination of Herding Behaviour in the CryptomarketSpring-21Management SciencesDownload
746MBS193005Abeer LiaqatMetabolite Pro le and Surface Proteosome of Probiotic Bacteria from Fermented FruitsSpring-21Bioinformatics/BiosciencesDownload
747MEM201004Muhammad SohaibThe Impact of Crowdsourcing on Organization Sustainability: The Mediating Role of Micro-worker Participation and Moderating Role of User Motivation and PerformanceSpring-21Mechanical EngineeringDownload
748MMS191014Adnan AhmedEconomic Policy Uncertainty and Capital Structure: An Evidence from PakistanSpring-21Management SciencesDownload
749MBS193018Amna NoorIdenti cation of Potential Drug Targets in Chlamydia pneumoniae and Inhibition with Plant Derive Natural CompoundsSpring-21Bioinformatics/BiosciencesDownload
750MPM193032Bakhtawar KhanImpact of Conscientiousness on Work Engagement, with Mediating Role of Job Crafting and Moderating Role of Top Management Support in Project Managers of Pakistani Project Based OrganizationsSpring-21Management SciencesDownload
751MPM193033Sania FarooqImpact of Stakeholder Management on Stakeholder Satisfaction: Considering Stakeholders’ Risk Attitude as Mediator and Organizational Culture as Moderator in Project Based Organizations of PakistanSpring-21Management SciencesDownload
752MEM191002Ha z Muhammad Awais AnwarAn Investigation into Critical Causes of Cost and Schedule Overrun in Construction of Small Dam ProjectsSpring-21Mechanical EngineeringDownload
753MBS193020Haleema ZeenatResistome Analysis of Gut Microbiota of MosquitoesSpring-21Bioinformatics/BiosciencesDownload
754MPM173021Iqra BukhariImpact of Inclusive Leadership on Project Innovation: Mediating Role of Psychology Safety and Moderating Role of Organization CultureSpring-21Management SciencesDownload
755MBS193030Jibbran HussainIdentification of Anti-Viral Metabolites of Nigella sativaSpring-21Bioinformatics/BiosciencesDownload
756MMS191018Muhammad Hissan AhmadFactors leading to Panic Buying Behavior, with the Mediating Effect of Customer Fear: A Study of Personal Protective Equipment in PakistanSpring-21Management SciencesDownload
757MPM193070Muhammad Saad KhanImpact of Servant Leadership on Project Success with Mediating Role of Team Skills and Moderating Role of Power DistanceSpring-21Management SciencesDownload
758MMT181021Naeem MuzaffarEffect of Thermal Radiation on MHD Nanofluid Flow over a Non-linear Stretching Sheet through Porous MediumSpring-21MathematicsDownload
759MPM193050Tehreem ShafqatImpact of Entrepreneurial Leadership on Project Success: Mediating Role of Innovative Work Behavior and Moderating Role of Openness to ExperienceSpring-21Management SciencesDownload
760MMS191026Touseef NawabTrade Credit and Firm Profitability: An Empirical Evidence from Pakistani Non-Financial FirmsSpring-21Management SciencesDownload
761MMT191006Usman KhaliqImpact of Tangent Hyperbolic Fluid and Chemical Reaction on Radiative MHD FlowSpring-21MathematicsDownload